Oct. 1 NC Department of Public Safety phone zap

Call in to demand an end to repression against organizing prisoners. North Carolina DPS is keeping three prisoners in segregation in response to the strike activity at Hyde correctional facility that occurred on August 20. The three prisoners are also facing trumped up "active rioter" infractions.

We demand that repression against these prisoners stop.
Call in and tell DPS director Kennith Lassiter to move these men out of segregation and remove the infraction charges against them.

North Carolina DPS Main Office 919-733-2126

Sample call: "Hi, my name is ( ), I would like to speak to Kennith Lassiter. I'm calling in regards to three prisoners in the North Carolina DPS system. (If they don't connect you to Lassiter) I would like to leave a message for the director. I have become aware that DPS is punitively holding three prisoners in segregation and charging them with false charges of rioting. Not only have you chosen to disregard the demands of the protesting prisoners but now you continue to infringe on their basic rights to protest. I am demanding that you drop the infraction charges against Jace Buras, Todd Martin, and Randy Watterson and move all of them out of isolation. I will be following up with each of these men's case."

Reports on calls can be sent to ncprisonstrikemedia@riseup.net 


Kara Miller (not verified)
I just called and was told to call this number for Kennith Lassiter instead: 984-255-6031. I called it and got the voicemail for his assistant (Carrie Jones I think? could be slightly wrong on the name) and left a message for her.
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