Wobblies file Class Action Lawsuit against Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2022

Industrial Workers of the World- "IWOC-IUB 613 #1" members are marching forward together. As of 2/7/22, the "Texas Board of Criminal Justice"-Chairman- Patrick O'Daniel/ Texas Department of Minimal Justice Directors Bobby Lumpkin, Bryan Collier, State Counsel for Offenders-Guistina Persich, and MSPC Tammy Shelby are officially on the civil rights lawsuit. One class-action lawsuit coming up! Yes! I have entered the IWOC into the courts in Texas to challenge the real adversary. 

Texas Board of Criminal Justice members, policymakers, and their cohorts. The IWOCs #1 and #2 can begin to join in by sending their requests to be added to our class-action lawsuit to the US District Court: Nathan Ochsner, 601 Rosenberg Street, Galveston, TX 77550. 

Today, as a delegate of IUB #1, I have heard the call to action by comrades across the state, now move to change all the cruel and unusual policies and procedures as a union. Not a single wobbly will get left behind, make contact with our facilitators and send in your request to be added to our lawsuit. IWOC Texas sends their love to IWOC NM (Francisca Lopez) 
Thank you on our behalf! Texasprisonreform.com, Brittany Robertson, thank you for all your help and support in battling corrupt policymakers that have kept Black and Brown communities under the knee of the slaveholding governors, their millionaire, and billionaire friends as well. 

Here are some facts. "Z" that's me, has been the sole reason TDCJ took all Habeas Corpus handbooks off the shelves in every Texas prison law library. 
Why? Fact: Because I whistleblew on District Attorney Cynthia Bridges of Brazoria County TX, Sherrif Bo Stallman of Brazoria County Texas, Officers GI Sgt Timothy Williams, Sgt Estrada, Sgt Ricky Garcia, Officers Penny, Reyes, Sandoval, Hernandez, Warden Bruce Armstrong, Angela Chevalier, Willie Ratliff, Moises Villalobos and last but not least Senator John Whitmeyer. Entrapment rings all over TDCJ mailrooms headed by OIG, STG, and mailroom supervisors. 
Millions upon millions of dollars are pumped into the courts of three horse towns with TDCJ slaves on contraband-free world cases. I felt like I was doomed. I was charged with a cell phone by warden Bruce Armstrong as retaliation for reporting September 2020s suicides in Darrington Unit. It all fell on a careless and reckless assistant warden Angela Chevalier. 
She was removed and Bruce "Puss in Boots" Armstrong used all his corrupt and violent tactics on "The Anarchist" as they would call me. 
Texas Board of Criminal Justice helped to cover up two very visible corruption acts with the Brazoria County District Attorney and local law enforcement.
I caused a huge cover-up for attempting to report the TDCG GI, OIG, and STG to the Sherrif for violence and planting contraband on inmates as they did me. The Brazoria County Law Enforcement called TBCJ/TDCJ to alert them "the jig was up," showing conspiratorial actions that led to a large-scale cover-up in this region. 

Charles Martin, an attorney, was very much involved, and if you were charged with any type of Contraband between the months of November and December of 2020 and January and February of 2020, report it to: texasprisonreform.com: PO Box 671, Kaukauna, WI 54130. Let it go to the top, don't accept this as normal. Corruption is the reason you cannot make parole. Corruption is the reason why you can't get a paid wage in TDCJ. Corruption is the reason why you don't get good time or work time as an incentive, still, you volunteer to be a slave pushing brooms, washing dishes, cooking food, unloading 18-wheelers, welding carpentry, canning, and fabrication. You have fallen into the deepest of fears, a disciplinary case has you in check but you say "I'm trying to make parole." 
Brothers and sisters, liberation is in your hands, let's demand it now that I have opened the avenue to your freedom. What is your excuse now? 

Case # 3:22-cv-00052 and  Case # 3:22-cv-00096  Julio A. Zuniga v. Patrick O'Daniel

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Wobblies File Class-Action Lawsuit Against the Texas Board of Criminal Justice and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2022 – by Comrade Z – Mongoose Distro


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