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February 16, 2016

1984: A Prediction Come True… Behavior Control and Human Experimentation at Wisconsin’S Department of Corrections 2014-15


The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is currently going through a power-struggle-transition. National social-awareness and civil-litigation is forcing the D.O.C. to regulate how they use and apply their “long-term-segregation-units”, as punishment on inmates, because of the psychological effects that it causes on their “mental health”.

The D.O.C. opposes change. They have always argued: “that long-term-seg-units makes prison officials’ job easier and safer, and they keep prisoners in-check.” To stop this transition from regulating their most powerful control-mechanism against prisoners the D.O.C. have secretly decided to re-brainwash the entire Wisconsin prison system culture.

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To accomplish this “culture shift” the D.O.C. have re-sanctioned an extension of the “predictive behavior system”, “compass assessment tool” and “secret behavior control program” that was used on prisoners in the U.S., in the 1960’s and 70’s to brake them and stop their attempts to fight deteriorating conditions in the U.S. prisons. The use of behavior control and human experimentation techniques have been sanctioned and are now active in the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections.

1984 Methods

To take away or regulate the D.O.C.’s long-term-seg-units from them it would be like the end of the world… as they know it. Any time a government is seriously threatened by “civil war” the government, to prevent losing its power, turns into a “police-state.” Everyone is carefully scrutinized for signs of rebellion, “programming propaganda” is re-enforced on the masses, and anyone suspected or otherwise considered an enemy-of-the-state is shipped to “concentration camps” either for isolation or reconditioning. 1984 methods are applied to the masses.

Police-State, Programming Propaganda, Concentration Camps

POLICE-STATE STATUS: To collect data for the “Predictive Behavior System” in 2014, all prisons in Wisconsin were re-wired for a big-brother-like surveillance system, guards were issued military style uniforms and pepper spray. “All prison officials and employees received new training in the cold, calculated art of observation.” It consists of watching prisoner’s movements with a particular meticulousness, scrutinizing little details in behavior patterns, then recording them in the log book. This data provided the staff with keys on how to manipulate certain individual’s behavior. It is feasible to calculate a prisoner’s level of sensitivity from the information, so his vulnerability can be tested with a degree of precision. Also, forms of civil-litigation are being oppressed; the D.O.C. eliminated free “internal-inmate-to-inmate routing”, “cut the prison legal loans for indigent prisoners, from $200 to $100 per year” and implemented a new Disciplinary Administrative 303 Code that very much benefits the D.O.C. when inmates may challenge a decision on a disciplinary conduct report. Also, the disciplinary punishments under the new disciplinary code are much stricter and the conditions of confinement more oppressive. All civil-litigants, natural leaders, anyone against the administration, and inmates with suicidal history are considered enemies of the D.O.C.

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Programming Propaganda:

The assessment tool that the D.O.C. re-sanctioned to re-program/propagate the masses of prisoners into prison-conformity is called “COMPAS.” According to the COMPAS assessment tool: “it predicts the general likelihood that those with a similar history of offending are either less likely or more likely to commit another crime generally within the two year period following release from custody. In addition to identifying general levels of risk to re-offend, COMPAS also identifies criminogenic needs specific to that inmate which are more likely to affect future criminal behavior.” In other words, this means: “that a man will be labeled by his ideas, and his differential treatment will be plotted accordingly. Thus, if a man’s expressed ideas are at variance with the ideas and perception of the prison administration, behavior modification will be used on him to reconcile the difference.” The COMPAS assessment tool will identify individuals brainwashing programming needs. Those who the administration believe can be reformed into prison conformity by these means, their programming will consist of group sessions and text-book-like indoctrination.

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But for those inmates who the Wisconsin Department of Corrections deemed a “serious threat” to the existing order will be sent to the Long Term Segregation Units to be isolated while the risk against their government passes or they are sent to the control units for reconditioning.

Concentration Camps:

There are three forms of conditioning under this state of alert:

Long-term-segregation, Administrative confinement, and Behavior control.

1) Segregation: “Is the punitive aspect of these behavior modification camps.” It is euphemistically referred to as “aversive conditioning.” In short, prisoners are conditioned to avoid solitary confinement, and to do this (avoid solitary that is) requires some degree of conformity and cooperation. If the prison authorities think that the behavior modification techniques will eventually work on the prisoner, he is sent to this unit. The time of this solitary confinement is anywhere from a few weeks up to a year.

2) Administrative Confinement: “is the end of the line” in the Wisconsin Prison System. Since there is no place lower throughout all of society, it is the end of the line for society also. Just as the threat of imprisonment controls society, so is “A.C.” the control mechanism for the prison system. Prisoners on A.C. status are housed in the segregation units for as long as the administration can keep them. This can vary between two to five years, and anything in between, some are kept indefinitely.

3) Behavior control: “is the literal brainwashing of a person’s mind”. This form of conditioning is reserved for those inmates who the administration identifies as “mayor threat” to the current existing-order. The inmate in short is: a. “isolated”, b. “mentally tortured”, c. “coerced into taking medications”, then, d. “positive and negative reinforcement techniques” are applied on him to re-condition his “behavior and attitude” to be “submissive and subservient” towards prison authorities. This procedure takes as long as necessary until the “inmate brakes.” And he is subject for re-conditioning anytime the prison authorities may fell they are losing cognitive influence over the “brainwashed inmate.”

I am one of the inmates who was subjected through this Secret Behavior Control Program and I need your help to expose to the public this, which can only be described as Torture Camp. My story of the experience of this Secret Program reads as follow:

My Personal Experience of the Secret Behavior Control Program

My name is Cesar DeLeon, a prisoner, incarcerated in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) While I was in the Columbia Correctional Institution (C.C.I.) from July to October 27, 2014 I was subjected, without my consent, to a Secret Behavior Control Program (see complaint No. #CCI-2014-17210.) This secret program is an extension of the one that was practiced at the Federal Prison in Marion, Illinois in the 1960’s and 70’s. (See EXH. No. #1)

C.C.I. prison authorities in July 12, 2014 were placed on high alert for possible gang riots after a note from a confidential informant found its way into the hand of prison authorities1. An acquaintance of mine Orlando Domena2, also a prisoner at C.C.I. was believed to be a target of the attacks. Orlando, being a close acquaintance of mine, and I, having a prison history of gang affiliation, provided the guards justification to question me about the alleged gang riot3. I, of course, knew nothing about it, yet the guards suspected me of withholding information and planning to assist my acquaintance in some way, so I was placed on surveillance with the approval of the prison’s security supervisors4.

From July 12-18, 2014. While working at the prison’s library, I overheard several conversations among the prison guards. They were secretly organizing to protest two things:

1) The Secret Behavior Control Program.

2) Dialog between the D.O.C. and advocates for prisoner’s rights (Wisdom Organization)

The guards believed that the Secret Behavior Control Program was not working. Also many prison employees had resigned their jobs leaving the rest vulnerable on issues of security. They also detested having to be ordered, by their supervisors, to fill in the work shifts for all those who resigned6. The fact that the D.O.C. Secretary Mr. Wall was willing to open dialog with advocates for prisoner’s rights and not D.O.C. employees only made them angrier7. Their plan consisted of “calling-in-sick” in large numbers with the intent to disrupt the prison’s movement and security, which would also serve as a stress assessment to get prisoners to snap-out and riot. They needed an excuse to come-out publicly and demand the need for a “Worker’s Union for D.O.C. Employees” and funds invested on security for guards rather than treatment for prisoners. The plot was to be executed on the 19th of July, 2014.

I took it upon myself to inform prisoners of the guards plot, and advised them no to snap or riot on the 19th since we were being used as “guinea-pigs” to serve the guards’ agenda. The guards did as plotted, not worked on the 19th, and did managed to disrupt the prison’s movement8. The prison was placed on “locked down” for being and with so pre-planned incentive actions the guards managed to provoke some inmates to snap, but not enough to cause a riot. The guards looking back into the surveillance found out I had pre-warned inmates of their plot so they blamed me for their failure to manipulate the prisoners’ behavior and decided to retaliate against me by putting me through the secret program.

The surveillance that had already been kept on me from a week prior included a hidden spy camera and audio inside the ventilation system of my cell. I would later learn, collaborated by the events transpired, that the surveillance was recorded and separated into three categories of behavior:

1) Sexual Habits – Interest that arouse sexual stimulation and lead to masturbation

2) Misused of Prescription Med – I was taking 20 mg of “Ritalin” (Methylphenidate)

3) Embarrassing behavior – Acts that are socially embarrassing e.g. laughing at private thoughts, singing, crying, pretentious gestures in front of mirror, working out, using toilet, etc.

Then, all members of my social circle were identified10. These included close friends, acquaintances, associates, and members of my religious group. I worked at the prison’s library so the librarian Lynn Harthone and the assigned guard for that post recorded the name and housing unit of every inmate I came in contact with. Unit Manager (U.M.) Gwen Schultz did the same with all the inmates in my housing unit 9 and inmates from unit 8. Program Services Coordinator took care of my religious members (Native American Services), social worker C. Champion was in charge of propaganda against me, the prison’s psychologist Dr. R.M Wood (Ph.D.), Dr. St. Trevino (Psy.D.), Dr. M. Trinidad-Carrillo (Ph.D.), Dr. Joseph, Dr. Mendenhall, Dr. Gary Maier (M.D.), and HSU staff were in charge of medications and attempting to predict my behavior based upon my reactions and attitudes towards the “stress-assessments” that they directed other inmates to perform on me. There were also a selected number of prisoners who took leadership roles in the program. These had direct contact with the prison authorities. They were in charge of organizing other prisoners to execute whatever selected stress assessment they or the authorities chose from Dr. Edgar Scheins listing to be performed on me.

From July 20-23, 2014. The prison authorities had already identified my close social order and learned enough about my patterns of behavior and attitude to subject me, without my consent, through “the program.” But first, they needed to find an excuse to get me to perform some prison infraction serious enough to send me to segregation so they could house me in the observation section of “Seg 1” where the program is carried out, because it’s an insulated area where is much convenient for the authorities to direct and execute the program. So they decided to perform stress assessments to get me there (segregation). The first stress assessment came in the form of an Adult Conduct Report (CRS). (See Exh. #2) On July 20th, the unit Sgt. claimed I took too long eating along with other inmates and did not leave the “chow-table” when directed11. For this misconduct I was offered two days locked in my cell the following weekend, which surprisingly were the precise days in which my family were planning on visiting me. Obviously, the surveillance that had been kept on me also included listening/monitoring my phone calls as well12. This stress assessment was intended to compel me to “snap” so I could be taken to segregation. Later I would learn that in the “observation section” of “Seg 1” a group of inmates awaited me. These inmates were given monitor screens and some walkie-talkies-like electronic objects, so when I get there they be able to carry out their objective of performing the techniques that the program incorporates.

However, I did not snap-out. This madden (or rather forced) the authorities to improvise. The authorities from July 20th to August 1st used and recruited all my social group behind my back to create an aura of paranoia and harassment. They were told that I was a sexual pervert, a druggy, and a liar and cheater who needed to have my behavior corrected. They gave certain inmates walkie-talkie-like monitors and the rest were instructed to reprogram their television sets because the institution had programed a second institution controlled channel where the spy camera that had been planted in my cell’s ventilation system could be accessible for the prison’s public viewing. Most prisons have two institution controlled channels. In one the prisons play movies and the other is for messages and reminders of prison rules. C.C.I. only had one controlled channel up to this point. An inmate told me that they had been instructed by the guards no to say a word to me about the camera and the plot to put me through the program and to help “set-me-up” so I could be taken to seg and have my “behavior corrected.” Among other things, inmates would then come up to me offering to buy some of my meds, propose illegal activities, or tried to get me to pass things around. All prison infractions that could get me thrown in seg. The fact that I was taking Ritalin (Methylphenidate) a “mild-stimulant” for “A.D.H.D.” to help me concentrate, did not help me with the paranoia they were trying to create. So on the 23rd of July, 2014 I decided to discontinue taking the medication. See Exh. No. # 3.

My decision to stop the consumption of the medication disrupted the authorities plot, but once again they persisted and improvised. Two days later, as I went “cold-turkey,” the withdrawals from the meds affected me physically. My body went through a decompensation period of cold and night-sweats, diarrhea, and persistent intestinal gas. But mentally I remained fully conscious and was able to function without any mental impairments. On the 26th, as I was lying on my bed, under the covers, trying to rest as much as possible to pass the withdrawals, the authorities used the opportunity of my physical decompensation to create an illusion of self-performed sexual acts. They manipulated the camera by narrowing the picture and focusing it solely on my face, they enhanced the audio reception allowing the viewers to hear my heavy breathing form the body aches. These sounds combined with the sounds from the intestinal gases that my body was releasing created the appearance of self-performed homosexual sexual acts. At which moment, they also broadcasted all the other collected recordings depicturing me in embarrassing and compromising behavior –masturbating, snoring pills, etc. Then, the guards encouraged all the prisoners from my housing unit to perform “character invalidation techniques” on me. I was verbally attacked, interrogated, my sexuality was questioned, and y sleep deprived. Guards and inmates insulted me in every way possible. They banged on their doors, slammed traps, constantly flushed toilets, and other noises to deprive me of sleep and interrogated me for many days to come13. The authorities replayed the videos over and over to incite the prisoners to raise against me. From here forth, everyone thought I was a closet-homosexual and the authorities did everything they could to nurture and propagate that idea which served as a hate-incentive.

On July 28th, 2014 around 9:00 a.m. the prison was placed on a “temporary-locked-down” to be subject to an “institution-wide-cell-search”14. A night prior, after being enraged at the prison authorities’ abuse I made up a lie. I told them that I had a friend who was recording everything that was taking place with an illegal cellphone equipped with recording devices and that we were going to turn the evidence to the feds in order to expose all the illegal activities that were taking place. The authorities searched my cell and the cells of inmates who they believed were most close to me. They interrogated me over and over in the dayroom. At one moment, Capt. Francis approached me in a very aggressive way and raising his voice he asked: “You want to be transferred to another institution?” I said: “No!” So they decided to put more pressure on me by also attacking my eccentricities. From that cell search they confiscated all my hair products, hygiene, clothing, towels, revolutionary literature, sexual literature, my phone and address book, a picture of “Fidel Castro” and another of “Ernesto Che Guevara” See Exh. No. #4 and Complaint No. CCI-2014-17451. I was escorted back to my cell and few hours later the “locked-down” was lifted. But the pressure on me resumed.

By July 30th, 2014 I was going insane, over-stimulated from anger, sleep deprivation, still having intestinal gas problems and couldn’t properly clean myself nor shower because they had taken all my hygiene, clothes, towels and hair products, so I snapped! In the moment of rage towards the abuse and the warden for permitting it and knowing that my hair (which was over 12 inches long) was under attack for being an eccentricity, I cut it off with my electric shaver. They took this opportunity to once again try to get me booked in seg. I was cuffed and escorted to HSU to be examined by a nurse and psychologist. See Exh. No. #5.

I pretended to be okay and told them that my actions were part of a Native American ritual, and since the next day I was scheduled to attend “sweat-lodge” it gave credibility to my story, so they couldn’t book me. However, they knew the truth, but they couldn’t do anything about it, unless it came out of my mouth.

All the while, I kept attending my part-time job at the prison’s library. The withdrawals did not incapacitated me. But even at work I was being harassed daily. Under the librarians orders, Lynn Harthone, inmates would mock me, make foul sounds of intestinal gas directed at me, and would mimic my moves. Some even threatened me to quit my job. Also while walking towards work, inmates from housing unit 10 were instructed, by their escorting guard, to yell anti-homosexual slurs at me openly.

The prison authorities and employees did everything they could to humiliate me, brake me down, get me to respond violently, and demonized me. But I knew their intentions, so I composed myself as best I could and tolerated all the disrespect and abuse. It’s also important to point out that sometime around the 12th of July, 2014 and the 23rd of July, 2014, I discarded, in the trash, transcripts from one of my criminal cases in which I received “12 counts of contempt to court” for having curse at a circuit court judge. These transcripts were retreated from the trash by C.O. Officer Brown and posted on the D.O.C. web pages in an attempt to present to the public a brutish, bestial, and sociopathic image of myself. This method of demonization is a technique well documented on page 9 of Exh. #1 for the use of anyone who has or will be put through the program. It’s referred to as a “two-faced campaign.” See page 9 of Exh. #1. Also see the D.O.C.’s website to see the transcripts I discarded.

On July 31st, 2014, while at the sweat lodge the inmates were instructed to make homosexual suggested sounds directed at me inside the lodge, and the spiritual leader, Rob, made the lodge hotter than usual by pouring more water into the hot stones. Their intentions were to get me to quit the lodge. Other inmates stood outside the lodge and would come around to the spot I was located and hit the big drum intending to harass me17. All these actions, I would later learn, were intended to suggest I was not welcome at the lodge anymore. They wanted to make me feel ostracized and reliant on the authorities for help which is one of the program main objectives in reconditioning the mind of the individual.

August 1st, 2014. The authorities offered me a deal18. First, Dr. Wood and Dr. Joseph came to see me in the unit and offered to stop the harassment and allow me to get some sleep if only I once agreed to take the medication. I told them that my medication were stimulants/uppers and if I took them, they could kill me because I had not had any sleep and my heart felt weak. Both psychologists said it was for the best that I took the medication regardless of what may occur to my health or else the harassment would continue even greater. I agreed to take the medication see Exh. #6. Later that same day, Capt. Keller and Unit Manager Schultz came to see me as well and they offered me to send me to “Seg 1” were I could die in peace, because even though I took the medication, the inmates and guards did not stop harassing me. The warden and psychologists had lost control over them, they wanted to give me a heart attack, because by then, they had taken it too far. I did not want to die in seg so I said “no.” But they sent me to Seg 1 anyways on a Temporary Lock Up (TLU) making it look like I was trying to commit suicide or escape19 See Exh. #7.

I was taken to the “observation section of Seg 1” which is a “sensory deprivation designed control unit” that contains around seven cells and is isolated from the rest of Seg 1 Building. At first, the inmates who awaited me did not want to participate in harassing me any further. They were aware I had been brought to that place to die of a heart attack from the medication. However, the guards had other plans, they wanted the inmates to continue, so to insure their participation, they presented the inmates with incentives20. Around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. the HSU Manager came to my cell in person to administer another pill (that was the last time I took the medication See Exh. #8), which was supposed to once and for all kill me. She told me to take the pill, and everything would be over soon21. My heart felt weak and the constant bombardment form the noise the guards and the inmates made drove me insane, so I stuffed toilet paper into my ear drums See Exh. #9. I did this under my covers so that the authorities could not intervene, because the cell I was in also had a camera in the ventilation system and another for observation purposes (the cell I was in was an observation cell). I meditated and after a while fell asleep.

An inmate on medication become more susceptible towards suggestibility and reliable on the authorities for the drug, his cognition impairs and his behavior can be modified to be conditioned to whatever it’s desired. That is another reason why the authorities needed me on medication. It is also easier to discredit any inmate who is on medication and tries to report the authorities’ misconduct. They will claim that the inmates’ meds are causing a mental misbalance. As soon as I woke up, they tried to put me back on meds but I refused, so they tried another intimidation maneuver. Nurse Rose22 would come to my cell and in one hand she would hold a syringe filled with milky-white liquid and on her other hand she had pills. The nurse would flash me both and in a threatening manner ask: “one or the other? One or the other?” However, even though I was terrified, I did not take the meds. By August 6th, 2014, Dr. Gary Maier and other started talking about force drugging me and putting me on a “civil-commitment” See Exh. #6. That same day Dr. Joseph met with me. She wanted me to take the meds but I refused so she made me a proposition. She assured me “that if I agreed to keep silent about their secret program and met with a prison psychologist once or twice per week, she would recommend to be released back to the prison’s population and for the harassment to stop.” I agreed to her proposal.

In the time I spent in the sensory deprivation control unit my sleep continued to be deprived and the interrogation sessions were more frequent and intense. I began to take notice that minutes before an interrogation started the inmates would intensify their intimidation techniques to terrorize me, then the guards would go into the utility closet of my cell and open up the trap door to my bottom vent. I would hear a tank know twisting and a hissing-gas-like sound entering my cell. Within a minute or so I would feel as if I was walking on air. I would temporarily lose a sense of rationality, the death threats and other scare tactics the inmates directed towards me would turn in terrorizing allusions in my head and that’s when the interrogation sessions would begin. The authorities would also use this opportunity to try make me believe I deserved to be mistreated. After an hour or two I would regain full conscious and the inmates would laugh and humiliate me saying they went into my subconscious in order to extract the truth and perversions out of me. Guards and inmates could shout at me day and night. They would make me feel disgusted with myself, especially anytime I touch my genitals, pass gas, look at my face in front of the mirror and so forth. This form of negative reinforcement intended to make me feel stupid anytime I expressed a free idea, spoke against their methods, and said anything they didn’t like. After all the sleep deprivation I gave in and confessed to everything they wanted me to say so they could let me sleep. Some of the subjects included but not limited to plotting a riot against the institution, sexual perversities, such as having a Oedipus complex and other sexual devious tendencies, crimes, impostoring my character, etc. I was also forced to apologize to all the guards for forcing them to mistreat me.

Nevertheless, the authorities wanted me on meds, so I was informed by the inmates that they decided to give the death-sentence for everything that I did morally wrong in my life, and because they still believed I was a homosexual. According to them the death sentence consisted of being placed on restraints (tied down) for days or weeks and denied sleep by inmates’ harassment and staff interventions until the inmate loses his sanity. The authorities’ plan was to release me back into the prison’s general population and it was “predicted” that since I knew where the hidden spy camera in my cell was located, after some prison’s harassment I would cover up the ventilation system. At which point, an inmate assigned to monitor me for that purpose would give the guards a signal, which consisted of a loud whistle, then three or four guards would run from the unit’s back door into my cell. They would restrain me and take me to the observation control unit claiming I tried to commit suicide. Then once tied down, the authorities would offer me a deal “take medication” in exchange of “being relieved from the restraints” or remain tied-down until driven into insanity. Sooner or later I would have broken and taken the medication.

They did as plotted. I was released back to the prison’s population and on that same night around 11:00 or 12:0 a.m. (at night). I couldn’t sleep so I was up, that’s when I heard an inmate yell some kind of whistle, then some guards came rushing in through the back door23, but they did not enter my cell. They went over to the other inmate’s cell and I heard them say, “No, he has to cover his vent!” I knew then to keep my vent uncover at all times!

The next morning (August 7, 2014?) I went to work at the prison’s library, however, inmates in the library under direction of the librarian, Lynn Harthone, continued the harassment. They disrespected me openly. It was as if staff had lost complete discipline over the inmates’ actions now that I had confessed to committing so many perversities. They had no respect for me, so within the first five minutes of my arrival I resigned my job but not without taking with me two books, one on the “Maya’s civilization” and another on “civil lawsuits.” As I got to my cell and started reading the book on civil-law, all inmates, upon Dr. Trinida’s, orders began to ban on doors, slam traps, flush toilets, curse at me and tried to break my concentration. Negative reinforcement was applied every time I touched the book on civil-law. That same day I was ordered to pack all my property and move to Unit 7. Unit 7 is an M.U. unit for inmates with serious mental illness. At Unit 7 as I was unpacking my property I observed a guard opening up inmate’s traps and handed them walkie-talkies-like monitors. The guard told the inmates I was a homosexual and instructed them to harass me.

The next day 8-8-14, Dr. Trevino interviewed me. She determined I was no mentally unstable and sent me back to Unit 9. She told me that my religious group would be my support group, that they would help me rebuild myself. In her report she added things we never discussed, falsifying it. See Exh. #10.

The inmates and guards from Unit 9 were angry that I had returned so they tried convincing the guards to get me a cellmate. I told them that if anyone entered my cell I was going to kill him. They continued to perform character invalidation techniques but now they were less frequent. Around the 14th or 15th of August, the inmates spoke with the unit manager, they wanted an inmate to be placed in my cell. The unit manager asked me to attend a meeting to discuss my placement. I agreed to attend the meeting. In the meeting were present Dr. Trevino, Dr. Trinidad-Carrillo, Unit Manager for Unit 7, Social Worker C. Champion, Officer Brown, and Schultz herself. Schultz asked me “if I wanted a cellmate?” I said “no”. Schultz said “she didn’t think so.” Then she asked me if “I wanted to move to unit 7?” I said “no, because I don’t have a serious mental illness. Then she asked me “how being put through the program had helped me get rid of my perversities?” I told them everything they wanted to hear, fearing that if I didn’t I would be put through the program again. I promised them I wouldn’t reveal what I had been put through especially to my family. Dr. Trinidad told me (suggested) for me to focus on my criminal case rather than civil law. The Schultz assigned Officer Brown to be my shepherd. She told me that if I needed anything or if any inmate harassed me, to go to Officer Brown and he would take care of it. We all “suggestably” agreed to call what they did to me a “spiritual journey” rather than “the program”, then, just as I was about to leave, Dr. Trinidad asked me if “he could meet with me once or twice per week?” I said “yes” I week later or so I learned from other inmates that that meeting had been broadcasted to everyone who collaborated in the prison.

On August 15th, 2014 I called my family and told them everything. My family and friends contacted the prison. They denied everything and all calls were transferred to Social Worker C. Champion, who was in charge of external propaganda. Every time my family called her, she changed her story and many inconsistencies came to light. All conversations with her were recorded. See Exh. #11 (audio tape).

My family, upon my request, contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Dept. and on August 20th, 2014, Detective “Jason Kocovsky” interviewed me to take my complaint. He came to my unit escorted by Unit Manager Schultz. The two kept exchanging knowing glances and laughs24, so before the interview started, I requested to speak with the detective alone. After some time later and a few phone calls to the warden, the request was granted. The first thing the detective did was read me my rights. Then with a smile on his face asked me “if I take medications?” I knew then that the authorities had already gotten in his head because everyone who call the prison on my behalf, including the Mexican Consulate, were told I was on medication and even falsified statements on his report, saying that I told him “I was stealing narcotics.” It’s impossible to steal narcotics. All medications are regulated and distributed by staff and are kept under lock and key. At the time I spoke to the detective I was still trying to discern everything that had happened. I was also just recovering from the psychological trauma that the programs took on me. Even though I told the detective that the prison authorities tried to kill me and named the individuals, he ignored me and went as far as sending a copy of his incident report findings to Capt. Keller, one of my attackers. When I told the detective to request, from the prison, to review the prison’s surveillance videos “he laughed.” See Exh. #12. Police incident report No. 14-50263.

The harassment and intimidations tactics did not stop there. My family began to visit me more frequently. On one occasion, the prison authorities tried to intimidate my family and me by having a large amount of guards look at us through a window near the entrance of the visiting room, and made intimidating gestures at us. See Exh. #13, a newspaper documented this incident. This tactic is also consistent with that used on inmates who are put through the program. See Exh. #1 Page 9. I also learned from the inmates, “that my visits were being broadcasted through the institution channel.”

As a result of being subjected through that program I began to experience lots of symptoms related to “post-traumatic-stress.” The trauma triggers included any noise that was persistent. If someone flushed their toilet more than once, I would feel my blood rush to my head and memories of what they did to me would return. The psychiatrist kept trying to drug me with medications. See complaint No.# CCI-2014-19288 and Exh. #14. The prison’s chaplain aggravated me by sending me passes to attend the Native American services. See complaint No.# CCI-2014-20392 and Exh. #15. I was in desperate need of psychological treatment to deal with the trauma but the prison psychologist had proven to be unethical and not trustworthy. Yet, they continued to try to reinforce their influence over me as well as perform and evaluation to review their human experimentation results. See complaint No.# CCI-2014-20285 and Exh. # 16. Even though I had reported the prison authorities’ misconduct and followed all the proper channels to get justice, the prison authorities still had me walking around the prison without any underwear, socks, hygiene, etc. they were making a mockery out of me. None of my property was returned until Oct. 1st, 2014. See complaint No.# CCI-2014-17451 and Exh. No.#17. The complaint examiner, as he was returning my property, tried to bribe me so I wouldn’t expose their secret program. See complaint No. # CCI-2014-19597.

I isolated myself physically and mentally. I only came out of my cell to eat or use the phone. And when I came out of my cell for that, the guards would laugh at me, reminded me of the torture and humiliation they put me through, and threatened me by saying that as soon as I put my guards down, they were going to send back for “re-conditioning.” So from there forth I began to “arm myself.” My mental state of mind was dangerous and extremely unpredictable. The anger from everything I endured was eating me inside. I fantasized about violence day and night. I would laugh for no reason, wake up in the middle of the night terrorized, and relived everything they did to me day and night. I entertained the idea of retaliating. I wanted to kill everyone involved in humiliating, especially the ones who had more direct involvement.

On one occasion, I overheard some guards laughing at me. They were mocking the events that had transpired and suggested to one another to release the recordings of the incident to the media in an attempt to influence the re-election of Governor Scott Walker against him. They suggested to have a prison guard who is ready to retire take the heat for releasing the video. They said that with Scott Walker gone they had a better chance at regaining their union. I had my sister call the governor, with my message, which she recorded and left it in the governor’s answering machine. The governor never returned my sister’s call nor investigated the matter. See Exh. No. #11 Audio recording. I now realize that the guards were idle talking but at that time they had proven themselves capable of anything.

On October 27th, 2014 I went to the library with the intentions of making photocopies of legal material. On my arrival I saw the librarian Lynn Harthone. I had come to the conclusion that she was one of the employees with the most involvement. Her incentive being that she no longer wanted me working at the library. So when I saw her, something snapped inside me. Her sight triggered all the humiliation, torture, and worst memories I had endured. I felt my blood boil and rush immediately to my head. I felt disoriented and had a mental blackout. When I regained conscious I was laid out on the floor being restrained by guards and inmates. The guards accused me of having stabbed her, another inmate, and myself in the process. See State V. DeLeon Columbia County Case No# 2014CF517. Also, toe view all the prison complaints I filed prior to the alleged incident at the library, go to the D.O.C. website: http://docapps.corrections.wi/icts/secure/ view=open view full size & complaint no= CC-2014-17…

The Psychology of Behavior Control

Behavior control consists of a manifold of four techniques.

1. Dr. Edgar Schein’s Brainwashing Methodology

2. Skinnerian Operant Conditioning

3. Dr. Levinson’s Sensory Deprivation Design (i.e. control/observation unit)

4. Chemotherapy or Drug Therapy

History of this behavior control program

In 1962 at a meeting in Washington D.C. between social scientists and prison wardens, Dr. Edgar Schein presented his ideas on brainwashing. Addressing the topic of “Man against Man: Brainwashing”, he said: “In order to produce marked changes of behavior and/or attitude, it is necessary to weaken, undermine, or remove the supports of the old patterns of behavior and the old attitudes. Because most of these supports are the face-to-face confirmation of present behavior and attitudes, which are provided by those with whom close emotional tides exist, it is often necessary to break those emotional ties. This can be done either by removing the individual physically and preventing any communication with those who he care about, or by proving to him that those he respects aren’t worthy of it and, indeed should be actively mistrusted.” Dr. Schein then provided the group with a list of specific examples:

1. Physical removal of prisoners to areas sufficiently isolated to effectively break or seriously weaken close emotional ties.

2. Segregation of all natural leaders.

3. Use of cooperative prisoners as leaders.

4. Prohibition of group activities not in line with brainwashing objectives.

5. Spying on prisoners and reporting back private material.

6. Tricking men into written statements which are then showed to others.

7. Exploitation of opportunists and informers.

8. Convincing prisoners that they can trust no one.

9. Treating those who are willing to collaborate in far more lenient ways than those who are not.

10. Punishing those who show uncooperative attitudes.

11. Systematic withholding of mail.

12. Preventing contact with anyone non-sympathetic to the method of treatment and regiment of the captive populace.

13. Disorganization of all group standards among prisoners.

14. Building a group conviction among the prisoners that they have been abandoned and totally isolated from their social order.

15. Undermining of all emotional supports.

16. Preventing prisoners from writing home or to friends in the community regarding the conditions of their confinement.

17. Making available and permitting access to only those publications and books that contain material which are neutral to or supportive of the desired new attitudes.

18. Placing individuals into new and ambiguous situations for which the standards are kept deliberately unclear and then putting pressure on him to confirm to what is desired in order to win favor and retrieve from the pressure.

19. Placing individuals whose willpower has been severely weakened or eroded into a living situation with several others who are more advanced in their thought-reform, whose job is to further undermine the individual’s emotional support.

20. Using techniques of character invalidation, i.e. humiliation, revilements, shouting, to induce feelings of guilt, fear and suggestibility; couples with sleeplessness, and exacting prison regiment and periodic interrogational interviews.

21. Meeting all insincere attempts to comply with cellmates’ pressure with renewed hostility.

22. Repeated pointing out to the prisoner by cellmates or where he was in the past, or is in the present, not even living up to his own standards or values.

23. Rewarding of submission and subservience to the attitudes encompassing the brainwashing objective with a lifting of pressure and acceptance as a human being.

24. Providing social and emotional supports which reinforce the new attitudes.

Following Dr. Schein’s address, then- Director of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, James V. Bennet, commented: “…One of the things we must do is research. It was indicated that we have a large organization with some 24,000 men in it now and that we have a tremendous opportunity here to carry on some of the experimenting to which the various panelists alluded. We can manipulate our environment and culture. We can perhaps undertake some of the techniques Dr. Schein discussed. Do things on your own. Undertake a little experiment with what you can do with the Muslim. There’s a lot of research to do. Do it as individuals. Do it as groups and let us know the results.”


cesar de leon (4)

In the 60’s and 70’s, this very same secret behavior control program at Marion was operating under the pseudonym of “Asklepieion” at the Wisconsin D.O.C., however, it may be camouflaged under a different pseudonym.

The program secretly employs a number of noted therapeutic techniques, e.g. Transactional Analysis, Synanon Attack-Therapy and Encounter Group Marathon Sensitivity sessions.

Transactional Analysis propagates the theory that people communicate on three different levels: parent, child and adult. These become character roles. It is up to the corresponding party to figure out which role the first party is playing, then communicate with the person on the proper counter-part level. Ultimately, it propagates the idea that the authorities always fit the role of a “parent” and the prisoners must submit to the role of a “child.”

Other techniques include Dr. Edgar Schein’s “character invalidation.” These techniques are incorporated under the auspices of “game sessions” (Synanon Attack Therapy) and “Marathons” (Encounter Group Sensitivity Sessions). In “Game Sessions”, members of the group accuse the inmate of playing games, not being truthful with the group, lying; or he is accused of some misdeed or shortcoming. Before he is allowed a chance to explain (which is considered as only more lying), he is barraged by dirty-name calling until he confesses or “owns up” to his shortcomings. He is then accused of making the group go through a lot of trouble in having to pry the truth out of him. So, for this crime he is forced to apologize.

“Marathons” are an all-night version of literally the same, except that they include more staff, trained inmates who serve as leaders, and the victim’s social order (inmates). After so many hours, days or weeks of being verbally attacked and denied sleep, a person “owns up” to anything and accepts everything he’s told. After being humiliated, he is encourage to cry.

Using “Dr. Schein’s Brainwashing Methodology” as a blue-print, the inmate’s close emotional ties are identified and then broken through demonization of his behavior and defamation of his character. Next, after the inmate is alienated from his environment and ostracized by his social-order, he is taken to the secluded observation section of the prison, “Dr. Levinson’s Sensory Deprivation Design” (i.e. Control Unit) for “Skinnerian Operant Conditioning” to break his mind, recondition him to what the prison authorities desire, and coerce him to take “medications.”

The medication serves more than one purpose… 1) it will further impair the inmate’s cognition so the conditioning techniques can take the desired effect, 2) the drug will help numb the inmate’s pain of being humiliated which reduces the risk of retaliation, 3) eventually, the inmate will become defendant on the drug, which in turn, provides the prison authorities leverage over his “behavior control”, and 4) if the inmate brakes away from the prison authorities influence and reports their misconduct, unless he has solid proof, liability risk will be low. The authorities will discredit the inmate by saying the inmate’s medication caused him some kind of mental misbalance.

To extract a confession out of the inmate the most effective way is to take him to the Observation/Sensory Deprivation Control Unit. Hi is locked away with nowhere to run and no one to help him. A sense of finality, of being buried alive, is raised to the supra-level of his consciousness. Both, inmates and frontline officers, are encourage to perform techniques of character invalidation, “i.e. humiliation, revilements, shouting, to induce feelings of guilt, fear, and suggestibility; couples with sleeplessness and exacting prison regimen and periodic interrogational interviews.” And, in my case, the prison authorities also used a gas substance to make me hallucinate while exploiting on my fears, to so call go into my subconscious, and extract the perversities and the truth out of me. The bombardment of steel clanging steel was constant. They used it to deprive me of sleep, but in fact, it serves yet another more obscure purpose, “it is part of a systematic process of reinforcing an unconditional fact of a prisoner’s existence, i.e. that he has no control over the regulation and orientation of his own being.” In behavioral psychology, this process is called “learn helplessness”, a derivative of Skinner Operant Conditioning (which are commonly called “learning techniques”). In essence, a prisoner is thought to be helpless, dependent on his overseer’s power to control him. After this techniques are repeated over and over the inmate eventually will break and will confess to anything and everything they accuse him in order to get some sleep.

After being abused, humiliated, and made to confess to the worst of deviant behavior, he is tricked into attending a meeting to discuss his future. The brainwashed inmate is encouraged to speak of his experience and how having been subjected through the program helped him get rid of his perversities. Out of fear of being subject for another round of re-conditioning, he will confess once again to everything, and accept anything they tell him. Then, to reduce the inmate to the character role of a “child”, and the prison authorities of the “parent”, he is assigned a staff member to be his “chaperon”. The inmate is directed to avoid civil-law, become sexual obstinate, submit to the authorities’ directions and so forth.

All the while this meeting had been broadcasted through the prison to every inmate and staff member who part took in subjecting the inmate through the program to “beat the truth and perversities’ out” of the inmate. They will believe what the brainwashed inmate says, and justify their action, all the while secretly fearing similar treatment. In this manner the prison authorities knocks two birds with one stone. No one in their right mind will dare to challenge the prison authority and power to control the prison’s regiment.

The prison authorities, however, will only take credit for having “helped” the inmate get rid of his perversities. They all have an “unspoken agreement” to refer to this torture program as a ‘”treatment program”, and no staff member dares to challenge that title because they know of the legal repercussions and also their pay check depend on it. They know “not to bite the hand that feeds them.” But no matter how much lubrication they put on the title of the program, if their little secret gets out to the public, society will not bend over and take it. That is why this program runs on “fear” and “suggestibility” and if the inmate wants any relief from the pressure, he must submit to the prison authorities control and even communicate with them on the same suggestive level.

One may question, “How does the prison authorities manage to secure the participation of inmates into approving and participating in breaking each other’s mind?” Incentives! Is the answer. First, a “hate-campaign” is waged by the prison administration against the inmate. Utilizing the new big brother like surveillance system, which have installed cameras throughout the entire prison. An allusion is created to make the inmate appear to be a closet-homosexual. This shameful and sexual deviant image is presented to others through the prison’s institution controlled channel. The horrible image alienates the inmate from his environment, throws him on a defensive state of mind, and others on the offensive will raise against him to beat the truth out of him. This anti-homosexuality/hate incentive secures the “approval” of others to subject the inmate through the program.

Meanwhile a second incentive is quickly introduced to motivate “participation.” This second incentive is aimed at the collaborators self-interest and is in the form of prices, extra food, canteen, recreation, relocation to a lower secured level, prison, etc.

These tow incentives when applied successfully create a “monkey see-monkey do effect” among the collaborators. Even those who can see through the propaganda “peer pressure” will compel them to part take in the abuse for fear of going against the order of things. Lack of participation raises suspicion which can make him the next target. In this situation self-preservation and fear can make even the toughest of men stick their tails in between their legs.

These secret behavior control program was re-sanctioned by the D.O.C. to so call “treat mental illness” created by the effects of long-term-segregation units. The inmates who constantly bring attention to the psychological effects of this seg units are those who attempt suicide. For an inmate to attempt suicide at C.C.I. it will be like going into the wolf’s cave. Once in the observation section of the prison they are subject to “game sessions” to condition them to avoid observation status. And for all those who the administration views as “mayor threats” to their existing order a “marathon” will annihilate his spirit and sterilize any resistance that may exist in the prison. C.C.I is now the new Marion. I like you to see a documentary filmed by Frontline called: “Solitary Nation.” It will help you understand the effects of seg.

This form of torture is consistent with those predicted by the author of “1984” and in fact, were utilized in “Hitler’s concentration camps in Auschwitz” and those of “Pinochet’s in Chile.” And now they are active in the Wis. D.O.C.

These techniques exploit the basic weakness in human (aggregative) nature, especially those weaknesses produces by an alienating society, e.g. the need to be loved, cared about, accepted by other people, and the need to be free. In turn, they are transmuted into “submission and subservience”, the type of behavior conductive to the prison official’s goal of control and manipulation. The victimized inmates will not resist or complain. Nor will they go on a strike to seek redness of prisoner’s grievances. They are alienated from their environment, and their emotional interdependency welds and insulates them into a crippled cohesion (of the weak bearing the weak). They are not permitted to discuss these techniques outside the group because one of the pre-conditions for pressure relief is a bond to secrecy. Yet almost anyone can spot a victim of behavior control because the light has gone out of his eyes. He literally wears the look of humiliation.

I need your help in exposing this secret behavior control program to the public so we can put a stop to it.


1) Investigate “all” the D.O.C Central Office “Directives” dating from 2012 to present, and “all” Columbia Correctional Institution (C.C.I.) Internal Staff Memorandum dating from 2014 to present and bring your findings to the attention of the media.

2) Put pressure on Mr. Wall, Secretary of D.O.C. call him at 606-240-5000 and demand an explanation and an end to this torture camp.

3) Contact Senator Lena Taylor at her office in Madison 608-266-5850 or District 414-342-7176 and ask her to investigate and demand a full-scale congressional hearing.

4) Contact Governor Scott Walker and demand the same.

5) Help distribute this packet and set up speaking circles to educate each other on the subject matter.


1) Exh.#1: Copy of “Breaking Men’s Mind: Behavior Control and Human Experimentation at the Federal Prison in Marion, Illinois.

2) Exh.#2: “Adult Conduct Report” dates 7-20-14

3) Exh.#3: “Refusal of Recommended Health Care” 7-23-14, “Prescriber’s Order” and “Patient Medication Profile”

4) Exh.#4: “Property Receipt/Disposition” dated 7-28-14

5) Exh.#5: “Nursing Encounter Protocols” dated 7-30-14

6) Exh.#6: “Psychiatric Report” dated 8-6-14

7) Exh.#7: “Temporary Lock-Up Placement” paper 8-1-14

8) Exh.#8: “Prescriber’s Orders”

9) Exh.#9: “Progress Notes”

10) Exh.#10: “Psychological Services Clinical Report” dated 8-8-14

11) Exh.#11: “Audio Recording”

12) Exh.#12: “Police Incident Report” 8/16-22/14

13) Exh.#13: “Newspaper article” dated 8/29-4/14

14) Exh.#14: “Psychiatric Report A” dated 8-27-14 and “Psychiatric Report B” dated 9-24-14

15) Exh.#15: “Inmate Complaint History Report Sheet”

16) Exh.#16: “Psychological services Request Receipts”

17) Exh.#17: “Complain- ICE receipts”

18) Exh.#18: “P.R.C page”


1. Request a copy of the letter from the C.C.I. prison authorities under the open records law.

2. Contact Orlando Domena, a prisoner at C.C.I, for confirmation of my claims.

3. Request surveillance video of library July 12th, 7:45 a.m.-4:00 p.m. It will show the guard questioning me over and over again.

4. Request my confidential security file to search for order for surveillance signed by security.

5. Request surveillance video of library from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. it will show Librarian Lynn Harthone and officers discussing/organizing the strike.

6. Request work shift hours for C.C.I. employees.

7. The talks between wisdom and D.O.C. occurred around July 9, 2015.

8. Request work attendance records for that day. The lock down was a moderate level or so.

9. I would know this because inmates would yell at me and chastise me for events that occurred such as me engaging in masturbation after viewing a magazine or reading a penthouse book. The inmate would also point out other events such as visits I had with family in an attempt to intimidate me.

10. See surveillance video of the units and library. At library you will see the librarian with a notepad o her hand recording the name of every inmate I came in contact with, even interrupting conversations to do so.

11. See surveillance video of HU9 July 20, 2014 to see the incident at lunch time.

12. Request phone recording from July-August.

13. Request housing unit surveillance videos – dayroom videos, hallways videos and water meter records for HU9 for the month of July 2014.

14. See dayroom surveillance videos and request copy of inmate complaint No. CCI-2014-17451 by the way none of my clothes or hygiene was returned for months. I was left without those items as punishment for reporting them. See inmate complaint No. CCI-2014-1957.

15. See video as I was escorted out around 4:00 p.m. (July 30th)

16. See library videos while I attended work to see the librarian giving inmates instructions.

17. See videos of the prison in the direction of the sweat lodge on July 31st, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

18. See Unit 9 surveillance videos to see Dr. Wood, Dr. Joseph, Unit Manager Schultz, Ctp. Keller, and Nurse Rose which came to minister the pill that was supposed to kill me before I was take to seg.

19. Review my social services file to find TLU paper.

20. See video surveillance of DS1 Observation Section to see guards talking to inmates encouraging them to harass me and giving them extra food to do so.

21. See video of same surveillance (8-1-14)

22. See video of 8-1-14 to the time I was released from seg.

23. See housing videos – hallway videos – “A” UPER-HU9

24. See housing unit video of that day 8-20-14. You will see the manager Schultz and the detective exchanging looks as I spoke.

To see complaints filed at the prison go to: http://docapps.corrections.wi/icts/secure/ view fullsize &complaint No= CCI-2014-17