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August 25, 2017

Boston August 19 "Millions for Prisoners" Reportback

Thousands oppose white supremacy and prisoner suffering

Last weekend, an estimated 40,000 people gathered in Boston to opposite white supremacists and fascists, and support prisoners' demands for an end to prison slavery and suffering.

Media coverage of the day, coming in the wake of Heather Heyer's tragic murder in Charlottesville,  focussed on the confrontations between the assembled crowd and the handful of far-right agitators who turned up — but the organizers of the "Stand for Solidarity" were clear from the start that prisoner rights were one of their key demands, specifically the lack of clean drinking water reported at Norfolk Correctional Facility. From their list (in above-linked article):

6.) Free, Drinkable and Clean Water for All the Prisoners at Norfolk!

7.) Stop the War on Black America! Amend the 13th Amendment – End legalized Slavery!