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February 21, 2018

Call-in against repression in New York

On January 22, 2018, Reverend Joy Powell did a TV interview exposing the brutality of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (including the recent Fentenyl OD-related death of a prisoner there). Three days before the interview, she was harassed at the law library for having "two book bags and a shoulder bag," which was too many bags, according to them, even though they were all filled with legal material. Said material was confiscated. Shortly after the interview itself, she was placed in SHU (solitary), as the same officers responsible for the above claimed that two pills fell out of her pocket, as reason for placing her in SHU. DSS Michael Daye and Lt. McBride are responsible, as they've been harassing her and we ask you to CALL BHCF and demand HANDS OFF JOY POWELL (see details below). The NYS SHU Exclusion Law is meant to prohibit confining seniors with health issues in solitary (Joy is diabetic, and has NOT been able to monitor her blood sugar because of this). A Sgt McDaniels has NOT been allowing her to carry snacks at all times (a medical requirement, due to her diabetes) out of malice and against medical advice.

Please call / write Joseph Joseph, Superintendent of BHCF


247 Harris Rd, 
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Also, please call Don Venetozzi (518-457-2337), as he oversees discipline at NYS DOCCS...

Please ask "that DSS Michael Daye, Lt. McBride and Sgt. McDaniels NOT be allowed to harass inmates and violate the legal and medical safeguards of Joy Powell # 07g0632... that Joy Powell be released IMMEDIATELY from SHU, as she is a senior citizen with health issues, and has been placed in there in retaliation for speaking to the media about the abhorrent conditions at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility!" Please request that she be allowed to have snacks on her at all times, that she be allowed to monitor her blood sugar 3x daily and that she be free of harassment when going to and from the law library.