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April 6, 2016

Free Alabama May Day Call Out!!

Believe it or not, the entire country is looking at Alabama. Specifically, the Alabama Prison System and its Leadership.

Right Now- We have a spotlight on the National stage to show & prove the Effects of:

  • Alabama's draconian Habitual Offenders Statute
  • Alabama's Mandatory Life without Parole Capital Offense Statute
  • Alabama's arbitrary Parole Board, Alabama's parasitic policy of Warehousing & Economical Exploitation rather than Education
  • Rehabilitation and ReEntry Preparedness. Believe it or not, the entire country is listening-- OUR COLLECTIVE ACTION/INACTION will speak louder than words. As in all Emergency Distress Calls... "MAY DAY , MAY DAY" May 1- May 31 ~ 30 DAYS OF NOTHING! No Work No Talk!