News Article
September 13, 2018

Hungerstrike back on in Toledo CI


"David Easley, James Ward, and another person named Matt Hinkston are going back on hunger strike Friday 9/14 to protest 1) ongoing national demands/solidarity with prisoners and strikers everywhere 2) retaliation against them, like Ward and Easley are in separate isolation units in retaliation for involved in the A21 strike 3) lack of mental health support; prisoners with mental health issues are being thrown in solitary without access to medication regularly

Would it be possible for you to publicize this information? Easley also told me to thank you for the phone zap last month, that it was really helpful and he and others are glad to have gotten so many letters of support, and that pressure from outside support has helped them a lot. He said the unit manager is “mad how much support we have” and stopped restricting his communication because of outside support