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January 20, 2016

January 2016 Incarcerated Worker Newsletter

The January 2016 newsletter is available to read and to print.

January 2016 Newsletter

In This Issue:

- Artwork by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

- A Change Has Got To Come - Mary Sue Shields

- The Incarcerated Lumpen - Jose H. Villarreal

- The Pen And The Sword - Hybachi Lemar

- WOMMB Institue Contribution - Anthony S. Gay

- Timeline of Recent Events

- Memorial to Hugo Pinell

- Revolutionary Greetings - Adui Ijini-Chaka Seko

- Artwork by Ronnie Ayling

- Class Consciousness and the Science of Unity for

- Modern Day Self Determinationist Struggle - Anthony S. Gay

The printable version is set up to print on two sides of several sheets of paper, print head to head, flip on the short edge of the paper, fold in half to form a booklet.