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August 25, 2017

Kansas City August 19th Reportback

"Millions for Prisoners"struggle hits Missouri

On Saturday, August 19, 50-100 people gathered in Kanas City to participate in the national "Millions for Prisoners' Human Rights" rally against prison slavery and suffering, called by Jailhouse Lawyers Speaks and the IamWE Prison Advocacy Network. Alison, of the KC Greens, writes:

The #KCMillions4Prisoners march on Saturday, August 19th was organized by prisoner reformers & abolitionists, socialists, communists, & anarchists.

Several groups were present including Missouri CURE, Northeast Kansas John Brown Gun Club, One Struggle KC, Kansas City Food Not Bombs, Progressive Youth Organization - KC, Serve The People - Kansas City, ACLU of Missouri. Kansas City Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW, Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters, SOS Squad of Siblings the Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri, and more

We marched to the the Jackson County Correctional Center, one stop on our tour. The prisoners inside knew that we would be coming. The marchers announced their arrival with a blow-horn, supported by drummers and chanting outside, The people inside reciprocated - they banged on the windows and made little signs with messages like "help" and "I love you" for us to read.

We ended the tour with a memorial service for those killed during the Attica rebellion and those killed by the police in MO and KS over the last two years.

The 3%s (a white supremacist group) were there too with weapons. We marched and they followed, chatting occasionally with the police who were there. This is the second time Green Party members have reported armed right wing militia at a protest in KC. The first time they came with arms was on June 10 with Act for America this summer. They are planning another gathering on September 9.

With all of the calls to tear down symbols of the confederacy, marchers were challenged to continue the movement and tear down all of the monuments build to uphold white supremacy - including the prison industrial complex.