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April 27, 2020

National Prison Grievance for the BOP!! May 7, 2020

Federal Bureau Of Prisons Prisoner and Family Call to Action

Revolutionary Greetings to all of the resilient, dedicated front-line warriors who sacrifice daily to ameliorate the living conditions for all prisoners held captive within the many Razor-Wire Plantations across the nations. As Minister of Defense for the White Panther Organization it's my duty to strategize and implement the most effective strategy, which would ensure redress, into my advocacy efforts. Of course direct action would compel overseers/administration to honor our demands for adequate healthcare, livable prison conditions, abolishment of the 13th amendment, etc. But as we all know majority of prisoners aren't susceptible to direct action. They're unable to marshal the courage that's needed to face down our common enemy.


So while strategizing I knew the tactic would have to be one that doesn't demand sacrifice. We have drafted up the attached Grievance that's to be addressed to the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division and the Bureau of Prisons.


Komrades, there is to be a Nationwide Grievance Campaign not only for prisoners here in NC but for ALL prisoners whose subjected to the complaints or similar complaints listed in this Grievance. This grievance includes complaints for the disregard of our lives and safety amidst this Coronavirus pandemic.


Prisoners, their families and friends, anyone who is being affected by incarceration should submit their own grievance to the US Department of Justice and to the Bureau of Prisons. There has been an agreed upon date set that everyone should mail their grievance in. The date is May 7th, 2020. Follow #NationalPrisonerGrievance and #NPG; use these hashtags in solidarity to show on a post that you have sent in the form.


A copy of the grievance form can be downloaded below or can be found at For those who don't have access to the internet, you can write to Floodgates Publishing at PO Box 15401 Durham, NC 27707.


I end this with a clenched fist salute, I hope we marginalized can surmount the barriers between us and unite towards the common goal against the common enemy. #FreeThemAll #NationalPrisonerGrievance #NPG



I'm Here, I'm Alive, I'm Struggling

Dare to Struggle

Dare to Win


Joseph "Shine White" Stewart

Minister of Defense

White Panther Organization



National Prisoner Grievance Letter



You can write to Shine White at:

Joseph Stewart #0802041

4285 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699