News Article
January 17, 2018

Tidewater IWW Rallies at Norfolk City Jail in Solidarity with #OperationPUSH prison strike

On January 15th, in lieu of our regular letter writing hours, a group of fellow-workers from the Tidewater IWW took to the streets in love and solidarity with the #OperationPUSH strike in Florida. We held a banner and handed out flyers and literature to raise awareness about the strike, prison conditions, and prison struggle both locally and nationally.

We concluded the night with a demonstration at the local Norfolk City Jail, where we made noise, chanted, danced, and sent love to the people incarcerated inside. They, in turn, smiled and laughed, jumped up and down, waved other people over to come and watch and read the banner, and danced along to the chants. One fellow-worker even spotted an incarcerated worker holding up and pointing to a copy of the monthly zine we just finished producing called Breaking Bars, a compilation of poetry, prose, and other writings by incarcerated people in Virginia! Though we've been having hard luck getting information to the inside, hopefully now news of the strike will spread like fire inside the jail and perhaps inspire some new conversations.