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August 4, 2020

Ware State Prison Slave Rebellion on August 1st 2020

Ware State Prison Slave Rebellion

  Ware State Prison on fire the night of Aug 1st

Ware State Prison Slave Rebellion


A slave rebellion aka prison revolt took place at Ware State Prison on the night of August 1st 2020, starting at roughly 10pm. A guard was tied up, two guards were stabbed, windows broken, golf cart and different sections of the prison were set ablaze.


Unfortunately, three people incarcerated were victims of deadly force by Ware County police. One had been shot in the thigh and another in the arm. "We are tired of this shit, FUCK 12!" Folks incarcerated helped those inside who were shot, by wrapping and elevating the wounds, brought ice, and carried to get more medical care. See video here,


GDOC spokesperson Joan Heath said in a statement released Sunday morning that "The cause of the disturbance is unknown at this time" which is ridiculous considering Ware State Prison has been operating at its maximum capacity during this pandemic. That means at least 1,546 people inside are regularly vulnerable to possible exposure, medical neglect and state sanctioned executions via COVID-19. Two people incarcerated at Ware State Prison have died of COVID-19, while at least 22 have tested positive, as well as 32 employees.


Throughout this pandemic, people incarcerated at Ware State Prison have experienced extreme medical neglect since the pandemic began, where even those with the most severe coronavirus symptoms like trouble breathing have been denied medical treatment.

The Human and Civil Rights Coalition of Georgia also posted about how folks enslaved in Ware State Prison have only been getting 2 sandwiches a day, no hot meals, and little to no showers. Unsurprisingly, Ware's phone line continuous to ring unanswered as media and concerned family member of those inside have been flooding them with calls.  


We may not see a national prison strike this year but perhaps the necessary actions have evolved. This might be the dire direction that other people enslaved within US jails, prisons, and detention centers will take from now on. Prison-led revolts and slave rebellions are imminent as slavery persists. 


There is a car caravan to support those inside revolting against GDOC's negligence at Ware State Prison planned for August 4, 2020.

Support prisoner led resistance!


Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee