9500 Dorm in Men’s Central Jail: Court dates repeatedly pushed, bad conditions


Incarcerated folks at 9500 Men's Central Dorm in Los Angeles' Men's Central Jail are experiencing inhumane circumstances. Many of their court dates have been pushed 4, 5 or 6 times, keeping them in the system for far longer than necessary. The person I spoke with said for many of them, they're there for low level offenses that have even gotten thrown out, but because their court date keeps getting delayed, they're stuck. He said they have received little to no explanation, and that guards just continue to say they need to quarantine-- many of them are doing their 5th or 6th "quarantine." In addition to this issue, the living conditions are inhumane. The showers are so hot they burn the skin, there's linens everywhere that people use to start fires within the facility, the food is served cold. They said anything we could do to help they would appreciate-- they feel like they've been kidnapped. 

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