Allow People in McCormick Prison to Wear Clothes


People in prison at the McCormick facility in South Carolina are already being targeted.

Please call Agency Director Bryan P. Stirling at 803-896-8555

Suggested Phone Script

"I'm understanding that people in segregation at McCormick prison are being humiliated and being forced to walk around a metal pole with just their boxers on and being paraded around even in front of women officers. Even the Muslims who are religiously required to cover certain parts of there bodies are being denied any way to cover themselves. It is causing a lot of tension and creating a dangerous situation."


Called at 2:13PM,MT and phone was answered by Dayne. They stated Stirling was not available. I asked for a assistant director and they stated there are many assistants, how may i help you. I read our statement and they said they would pass my concerns to the Agency Director.
Called at 2:01, MT, 8/28, Was answered by Cirisa Kelly, asked for warden Stirling and they said he was touring the facility, took my meesage, thanked me and hung up.
AnnaR (not verified)
I just called at 12:12pm on 8/31 and "Kelly" answered the phone, said Bryan Stirling was not available, and I read the script, asked if this forced parading was still going on to which she said she cannot disclose that information, and she said she'd pass the message along and thanked me and hung up.
Anonymous (not verified)
I just called and a lady picked up, unfortunately didn’t catch her name but it wasn’t Kelly or Bryan. But I read the first part of the script and she said that it isn’t true, after I asked if it’s still happening she said no and then I finished the second part and she started saying that she’s been getting this call for about 3 weeks from this post on fb (i did not mention fb or any site or source) but that the 3 inmates in each cell have to strip down to their boxer and walk around a metal detecting pole that searches the inmates body cavity for anything hazardous.
Kyle (not verified)
Just called and got through to a lady who works at the director's office. Said she will "make sure the director knows my concerns." She sounded a bit annoyed, so that's good. Had to call a couple times -- got voicemail first time, and then she picked up the second time. I suggest people keep calling until she picks up.
Anonymous (not verified)
BTW the call from the comment above was made at 1:52 PM august 30th I kept thinking about the inmates needing to strip for this detector pole so I looked up to see if a thing existed. And yes there is a metal detector pole that is used in correctional settings. I read that the pole can be used indoors and outdoors and doesn’t take more than 10 seconds if you know how to use it or are trained to use it. It even has a sensitivity module and can withstand harsh conditions and settings. I do not understand why the inmates need to strip in order to pass through the detector that seems so heavy-duty and well built Maybe we can bring this up in the upcoming calls.
Good Opsec mean... (not verified)
Just called, got "Theresa" and she seemed still a bit irked. Said the situation wasn't as I had heard, but she'd pass on my comments.
Loren (not verified)
I just today at 01 PM, Theresa answered the phone. She indicated that Director Stirling was not available and asked to take a message. I read the script to which she listened. She was very polite (in contrast it sounds like to earlier today)and indicated that she would pass on my concerns to the director.
Steve D (not verified)
Got through yesterday morning (8.30.18) at around 11:30 PT. The gal that answered was friendly, said "it's a beautiful day in South Carolina". I told her about the prisoners demands to be able to wear clothes and she assured me she would pass along my concerns to the Director.
8/31, 2:05PM,MT. Called "Dayne", asked for the warden, she said he was not available, I started to read script, she interrupted and said, That it was mis-information, they were never paraded around naked, the pole was actually a cell tower and that the prisoners are no longer in lockdown. She also said she would pass my concerns to the warden.