Call for Imam Hasan, Silenced on Death Row in Ohio!


Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, an outspoken prisoner leader on death row at a supermax prison was pre-emptively silenced by a corrupt Serious Misconduct Panel prior to the strike. He is appealing the panel's decision, but is still being targeted with unusual communication and property restrictions.

Call 330-743-0700 and ask to speak to Warden Richard Bowen.

Call in script:

“My name is ____. I am calling in support of Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan. Since July 27 you have had him on irregular restrictions in an exaggerated response to a bogus conduct report brought from central office. I am calling to demand that you restore all of Hasan’s property, his JPay kiosk access, and remove the barricades from his cell.”

You can also email or fax the facility at (330-743-0841).


Sarah Chek (not verified)
Called and selected 8 to be directed to the Warden but the voicemail says the name of Gina Wiley not Richard Bowen
Lucy James-Olson (not verified)
Called around 1 pm. Got through to the warden's office. The woman who picked up listened to the script, said "Ok, thank you" and hung up.
Marisa (not verified)
Called on 9/17. Left a message with the receptionist at the Warden's office. She listened and said she would pass on the message.
Pierce Delahunt (not verified)
9/18/18 - "All right, thank you."