Covid-19 Outbreak at Coffee Correctional Center

Coffee Correctional is the epicenter of the biggest outbreak in Georgia and people incarcerated face a death sentence. Please help these people incarcerated expose this outbreak to the public and work towards freeing them to the care they deserve by taking part in this upcoming phone zap all week long starting Monday, July 6. Please email us with any information you get from the calls. There is a suggested script but please feel free to speak from the heart. Also, please feel free to share this with all media outlets, the farther we reach the better chances we have of holding GDOC and CoreCivic accountable for blood is in their hands.
To share widely on social media:
Audiogram recording from person inside exposing the outbreak:




Hot tips:
You don't have to give your name or any other information if you don't want to. In fact, put them on the spot and immediately ask them: "who am I speaking to?" And when they ask you who you are, say: "that doesn't matter, what matters is...(demands)"
Entering *67 before any number may block your caller ID. Demanding a statement to human rights violations is not "harassment". If you wish to protect yourself further, use Tails to download Skype or use a prepaid phone bought securely.
Don't worry about anyone giving you the runaround, not getting through or having to leave a message. Just pursue it to the point that you can. We are calling to apply pressure and every call counts.
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