Defend Prisoners at Lieber Correctional in South Carolina!

Prisoners at Lieber Correctional Institution in South Carolina are demanding recognition of their human rights by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and warden Randall Williams.  Prisoners are also demanding an end to the horrific conditions they are forced to exist under at Lieber, which are exascerbating already rising tensions to a tipping point and people are dying. 

Since the tragedy that occured at Lee Correctional earlier this year, prisoners at all level 3 security prisons in SC have been on complete lockdown, forced to stay in their two-man 9x11 cells 24 hours a day (supposed to be 23 hrs/day but guards rarely let prisoners go to their one hour of rec in a slightly larger cage because it requires too much work, especially when you keep an entire prison on lockdown) without any programming whatsoever and filthy air rushing in all day, no chairs, tables, no radios, no television, no access to legal work, no access to showers, and no light!  Administration decided to cover all the tiny windows in the cells with metal plates on the outside so that no light can come in.  Thousands of people are existing in this manner, enclosed in a tiny space with another person and no materials or communication or anything to pass the time.  

Because of these horific conditions tensions are rising and people are dying. Another violent death took place at Lieber Correctional; Derrick Furtick, 31, died at approximately 9pm Monday, according to state Department of Corrections officials:

Prisoners assert that this death is a result of the kind of conditions that are being imposed and inflicted upon the incarcerated population there and the undue trauma, anxiety, and tensions these conditions create. 

We demand:

- to be let off solitary confinement

- to have our windows uncovered

- access to books, magazines, phone calls, showers and recreation

- access to the law library and our legal cases

- single person cells for any person serving over 20 years

Lieber is known for its horrendous treatment of the people it cages including its failure to evacuate prisoners during Hurricane Florence earlier this year:

Please flood the phone lines of both the governor's and warden's offices to help amplify these demands from behind bars at Lieber Correctional.

Warden Randall Williams:  (843) 875-3332   or   (803) 896-3700

Governor Henry McMaster's office:  (803) 734-2100


Stephany Lowe (not verified)
I understand that these are human beings that have committed a crime but it is the place of society to torture and let people rot in metal boxes. I appeal to the humanity that remains in your hearts to treat people the way you or your own family would deserve to be treated as a human being. Please be better than the evil that perpetuates these conditions. Have mercy, no one deserves to live this way.
Sharon (not verified)
Let them have their privileges back they are human beings just like you if you believe in God he says treat people like you want to be treated for God sakes at least let them out or get off of lock down if you do that it will be better for you and them
Shauna Barry-Scott (not verified)
What possible excuse has this prison warden given for this extreme, abusive treatment?
Demetria Harrison (not verified)
This is modern day slavery at its finest. When will it stop
Colin Moir (not verified)
This sounds like something you’d expect to hear from Putin’s Russia. The treatment of prisoners in this way–denied sunlight, denied a chance to fucking sit down, to read, to go outside, to shower, or frankly even exist. This is psychological torture, and the UN should be slapping sanctions on our whole country for this right now.
Simone (not verified)
Also there are times when we call before we visit our love ones and when we get there we are told that visitation is cancelled. Some of the workers are very rude to some of the visitors. This prison is ridiculous and the workers are dressed in regular clothes most of the time I wonder if it's a prison
Johnathan Gayden (not verified)
This ridiculous treatment of people whom you refer to as inmates is not a guideline for rehabilitation. However, this treatment will only enhance negativity. It is cruel, unfair, and unjust. People and officials who are in perfect position to make these conditions become non existent may not suffer any consequences currently, but in due time those who are imposing this punishment will be subject to judgement. We are asking and demanding that these unbearable conditions be lifted!
Michael (not verified)
There is a whole lot going on at Lieber Correctional Institution, 99.9% of it is illegal, and I say this because they only report what they absolutely have to. Haven't seen things this torturous except in movies. People wonder why the prison so violent, Warden Williams and staff treat the inmates like animals. They don't tell you how the guards are doing just as much illegal activity as the guilty. Look at how many officers been fired from this one prison for illegal acts. Oh y'all didn't know, someone was caught bring a gun into the prison. The place needs investigating. How are the inmates on 24 hour lock down but there is all this violence still going on. Warden Williams and his staff A.W. Shepard are manipulating the inmates to commit violence instead of rehabilitating them. PLEASE HELP...
KELVIN GADSON (not verified)
Rachel Nicole (not verified)
The way these inmates is being treated,,is unacceptable...They are human beings just like you and I,,and the nerve of how they are being tormented..I understand they are incarcerated because of there bad choices,,but all that torment and torture they is receiving is down right ridiculous..Inmates is being killed by other inmates...The guards is taking advantage of the inmates because of the position they hold...Its time for the guards to be held accountable for all the illegal activity they indulge in with the inmates...Its time out for this foolishness..Again I say,,yes they committed a crime and that's why they are incarcerated,but they do not deserve to be mentally, emtionally,,nor physically ripped apart..My brother was incarcerated for about 15 years he did not come home in his right mind,,and it was because of all the torture he experience while being incarcerated.. Its time to cry out loud and spare not..The guards know what happened to that young man that died..They need to confess and stop making excuses..It was not because of natura causes and No he did not kill himself..Its time to take a stand on behalf of the inmates because they can't defend themselves....I know how it feel to have a love one behind the wall....I'm Standing on behalf of him..Give Them They're Privileges Back The They Are and Have Been Deprived Of For So Long...And Y'all Wonder Why They Are So Heated,,Its The Prison System, The Warden,, And McMaster Fault..ITS TIME THAT WE ALL STAND..THIS IS NOT RIGHT...THIS IS A FORM OF SLAVERY AND SLAVERY BEEN OVER..LET FREEDOM RING..ITS DEATH AFTER DEATH...NO I BEG THE DIFFERENCE....
Necole Ellison (not verified)
This situation here so terrible it just hurts my heart some kind of Justice need to be done I'm lost for words
Jackie (not verified)
All people should be treated like humans ..they will hear my voice this is ridiculous
Joslynn Brooks (not verified)
I’m so fed up with our justice system as a whole. Prisoners are still people and they deserve to be treated as such. Explain to me what’s that going to solve? How does that teach them a lesson? How does that deter them from doing crime when (if ever), they are released?Most prisons are filled with people who have made a stupid mistake in life and needed that sit down to repent or furthermore, counseling. When their “time out” is nothing but neglect, abuse and being treated like a wild animal, they’ll eventually believe and act like they are JUST THAT. Something’s got to give, enough is enough!
Curtis smith (not verified)
The system is using the legal terms to justify treating the people the way they really want to treat people period but let's not forget that slavery was a legal act imposed on the people once and it took hundreds of years for the people to Rebel and rise up against that evil act so now they twist it to make that very act legal again we must take action against the prison system that's making our kids worst off then when they went in familys are being torn apart and no one cares this is of the devil let's make a difference now
Steve Ongerth (not verified)
An Injury to One is an Injury to All!
Valerie Dunbar (not verified)
This is horrific and something needs to be done about it immediately
Anonymous (not verified)
The owners and officers need to be held accountable for treating human beings like animals.They have been sentenced already.Its not your right to mistreat and torture these inmates.Its time for justice to be served in defense of this inhumane situations the inmates are forced to live in and are dieing due to this neglegence
Sharn (not verified)
Yes, the administration is to blame partly for these occurences. Obviously being on lock down has not worked otherwise these incidences would not happen. While I understand this is Prison every inmate in there is supposed to serve their specified time. ... not cruel and unusual punishment. They are to served that TIME, nothing more nothing less. However they are being treated like animials being locked up in a cell [cage] & not being able to shower daily....sometimes weekly. Having their privileges taken away because if what happened at other facilities. It is wrong, cruel and unacceptable. Even worst the prison is understaff and Staff treats visitors as if we are offenders. Inmates are not allowed to fellowship and practice thier religion, there is no technical skills or trades being offered & the blame is that there is no one willing to come in and teach. I call it BS. Only time you will see special services is during Christmas. I stand by these inmates someone has to have a heart and be their voice.
Shanta Davis (not verified)
These posts are correct, but they don't even begin to scratch the surface of ALL the wrong doings that are happening at Lieber. There have been more murders than the one or two that you've heard about on the news. There have been murders of inmates that occurred while the officers watched and did nothing. People's lives ones are being killed and they aren't even getting the true story of what happened to them. The officers have been having sexual relations with inmates, been bringing in the drugs that have caused many overdoses, been bringing in the phones, and any many other items that are considered to be contraband. Yes they go for weeks sometimes without showers, haircuts, and sometimes no canteen. I just called the other day to see if visits would be allowed and I was transferred three times only to be hung up on. No one could or would answer my question. That was absolutely ridiculous. You have inmates who sit in their room s and holler for days for help and no one comes. You have injured inmates who need help and can't receive it because they officers are too scared to enter the cells. You have the mix matching of roommates that causes a threat. Putting the worse of offenders with the lesser. They serve moldy food in their visitaion area to visitors and no refunds are given. They endure the hottest of temperatures without any air and the coldest without any heat. They take the cotton out of their mats and leave them laying on pretty much nothing but a cold iron bed. They are not allowed to have even the most primitive of provisions for themselves. Often times things that happen on other yards are used as reasons to remain on lockdown even though the prison the event occurred at may already be back up. These inmates have officially been on lockdown for about 7 months. They have certain parts of the dorms that may be up, but not the prison as a whole. Units has just become a game of excuses and lies. I strongly urge you if you have lived ones at Lieber to do wellness checks on them regularly because as I said Your or loved one could die and they wouldn't even tell you what really happened to them. I would have to start a blog to tell all the things that I know have occurred without any news coverage, but even the things that that have shown and said should be enough for someone to step in on behalf of these inmates and I am willing to help. What can you do?
Raymond (not verified)
They are not even allowed to clean there cells
Ashley Findlay (not verified)
They are losing themselves. This torture is driving them to the deepest darkest part of their minds where there is no escape. Changing a person psychologically is more damning then physically maiming them. An endless loop of days filled with nothing but the metal bed, toilet concrete walls, and rotten food . It's inhumane, unjust, and in so many cases murderous.
Patricia Bailey (not verified)
It's not fare how they are being treatedin the prison system I have a child that's in prison and I am scared that something that happen I am praying that it doesn't someone needs to do something they are still human and someone child .how would you like it if it was your child that's being mistreated .the Bible says due unto others as you would have them to do unto you.with that being said I am going to pray until the situation gets better in there living conditions and other situations
Larry Green (not verified)
Life is to short every action is a reaction remember that. Some inmates Are coming home and some not what more can you want from Them. They already lock up don't treat them likes digs everyone have a day. We never know when the shoes will be on the other foot. Somebody please give Them help. Inmates don't know when it's dark or day light outside what is the world coming to!!
LIVING WITNESS (not verified)
LIVING WITNESS (not verified)
Angel Taylor (not verified)
They lock people away (no matter the crime) and treat them like unwanted and forgotten animals, but these men and women have family, loved ones, children, mothers, WIVES. We will continue to fight for them and the actions of the people in charge will come back to them. Karma is real. The treatment these prisoners receive is torture and inhumane in every way and there is no excuse for it. The focus of incarceration should always be rehabilitation! They are literally and metaphorically killing brilliant minds, good people, people with bright futures (regardless of mistakes they have made). & it goes without saying that the justice system is biased, racist, and unfair. Modern day slavery, alive and well. Most of these people do not walk into these facilities with that anger and hopelessness we sometimes see, that usually comes after being there and being subjected to all of the shit that goes on in there. It’s not right. It’s not okay. I’m praying for each and every person behind the wall. I will continue to do all that I can.
Subhanna beyah (not verified)
These motherfuckers is going pay for treatment they are given these inmates I will be calling both number all fucking day till they close u can bet that
King Truth (not verified)
This is not just done at lieber this is done at every institution in the state of south Carolina with a door! They don't respect these inmates they don't respect there rules and regulations and they are illegally changing non-violent inmates time to violent! It's unconstitutional and they know it! The problem is all fair in business! Prison is a business like any other businesses animals are game! The inmate population is expendable bc the laws of this state aren't to protect the public but to make profits!
Josh (not verified)
One of my best friends is on a level 3 yard. He is one of the best people I know. He doesn't deserve this treatment, nor do anyone else, including the worst criminals in there. This is torture.
Lasha (not verified)
Someone need to get the news involved so it can be heard all over the television. Something need to be did about this ASAP
Anna. (not verified)
This is sad. This needs handled immediately! Forget tha state, tha White House needs to take a deep look into this as well as visit these facilities. In everything I do I always remind myself to treat one tha way I’d like to be done and to always do. I can’t imagine a day like this aside weeks, months, etc. this is pure slavery and tha warden along with tha correctional officers should be forced to do time tha same way. Now. Would they agree and like it. Hell no. Stop slavery in South Carolina correctional systems. Lexington county is one too. Nasty and dirty officers doing things out of spite bc they know someone, they get paid and have a menu from their food service but supply inmates with less than half those items, tha whole state needs investigated. From someone higher above!
Anonymous (not verified)
All the guards and the warden should be locked up and treated the same yes these people that are incarcerated yes they have committed a crime but they are not dogs. There is someone I know in that prison and he is very dear to my heart and I think it's time we all take action and do something
Donna (not verified)
Let's please all take action before its to late love ya mike
Amy (not verified)
Wow this is how human beings are being treated in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Shameful! We have to make these people treat our loved ones like human beings!
Cassie (not verified)
The inmates at Lieber and other correctional institutions in SC are NOT receiving what is considered healthy or fair treatment for a human being. The food is lacking in nutrition, the toilets inside their cells are broken, and they are only getting shower privileges once a week if that often. The mental and physical maltreatment of the inmates are leading to something worse than what occurred at Lee Correctional. When the riot happened ALL level 3 prisons were put on lockdown, but Lee Correctional was also the 1st to come off of lockdown. All other institutions are still LOCKDOWNED. Can someone explain this?? Where and what is the justification behind this? How is continuous lockdown helping the situation? Metal plates on the windows and higher netting/fencing around the prisons is not making it safer, but only encouraging the inmates to becoming more efficient in what they do. Positive changes will provide positive outcomes. SCDC needs to do better and the family members of the inmates need to step up and DEMAND better for our men.
Ayron jrell Hayes (not verified)
Yo ...I don't know how to send this message out to the public, but I'm not going to sugar coat this AT ALL. I'm a family member of two inmates at Lee county and Lieber county.. I'm sitting here reading this bio of how the prisoners are living and being treated.. I'm not into the law shyt cuz I don't lyke it. Hate it. Etc is a down right disgrace to hear about how all the prisoners are being housed at these prisons.. I'm going to the higher power with this because y'all are supposed to be the ones to protect and serve...and y'all allow this kind of living to go on.
Ayron jrell Hayes (not verified)
Yo ...I don't know how to send this message out to the public, but I'm not going to sugar coat this AT ALL. I'm a family member of two inmates at Lee county and Lieber county.. I'm sitting here reading this bio of how the prisoners are living and being treated.. I'm not into the law shyt cuz I don't lyke it. Hate it. Etc is a down right disgrace to hear about how all the prisoners are being housed at these prisons.. I'm going to the higher power with this because y'all are supposed to be the ones to protect and serve...and y'all allow this kind of living to go on.
Ebony Morris (not verified)
The system has been this way until the system go to jail for doing suspect shit this will continue. The government don't care about nobody rights hell they do work for the elites
Nekkee (not verified)
Scdc specifically speaking of every institution in this state is either mistreating the inmates or going against policy to serve mass punishment.. a relative of mines are currently working on a law suit about how scdc knew he wear eye glasses and that the eyes need sun light now that his eye vision has decreased due to covered window he can barely even see now all unconstitutional. When a few inmates refuse to go in their room in which they are on teiring they take the teiring away ,take the canteen away from every one when they has a policy on place for when each inmate violate the rules and regulations. If one inmate assault a staff member the entire dorm loss their visitation privileges for bout a month . Why ? Because scdc want the inmates to do their jobs already they work in the kitchen and other areas of the institution to save scdc money and I blame them for doing the work because they know what they are doing. It's all a game to the warden and prison personnel under them because from the general Assembly ,prison director and headquarters is all in the conspiracy together .. it's time that the population step up and help these guys because they are handicap ... These guys not fed properly ,not shower properly . Just the other day one of my love one told me another inmate beat up another one over some cleaning supply to clean his cell. I mean scdc will never stop and I hate to say it ,if they continue on it could be one of their owns next
Darnell Smith (not verified)
This Catastrophe has been going on all over the state of South Carolina. I did time at Lieber and McCormick. These things a not rumors. They are very much real and I endered them as well. I urge the powers to be to launch a full investigation into the entire South Carolina Correctional system.
Brandy Gudnason (not verified)
This is wrong! Give them there privileges back! No wonder they have so much anxiety built up, and problems happen. Yes "most" are criminals, guilty, but then there's that "few" that we're wrongfully accused. Yes they made mistakes, they are paying for that, give them there rights back. God would not want this .
Moneshia (not verified)
We live in the land of the free yet we have human beings treating other humans without an ounce of humanity. This treatment doesn’t have a speck of evidence of reform, it’s torture. What must happen before the Justice System open their eyes?
Jazmin Mendoza (not verified)
This is the epitome of truly heartbreaking even though these men have committed crimes which they are being held responsible for and serving their time does not mean that they should be placed in conditions that are far less than humane. It is absolutely absurd the conditions that these men have to endure due to the lack of empathy one has for another human being's life these men are truly being served double punishment not only are they serving their time they are being treated worse than animals. Everyone in charge Lord please have pity on their soul Because deep down in your heart you know this is not the way you treat another human regardless of the circumstances if the judge did not sentence these men to death rather to be confined for the crime that they have committed they should at least be granted the absolute basics and they have not been. Together we should all stand for our loved ones that have no say in the matter. I am definitely more than disappointed and broken hearted as I watch the videos that are in the links.
AkiclIteve (not verified)
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