Friday Phonezap for Halifax!


Despite the fact that prisoners at Burnside Jail in Nova Scotia, Canada have been on strike since August 19th, the Nova Scotia Department of Justice has denied any protest on the inside, and Justice Minister Mark Furey has refused to comment publicly since the strike began. Please call the office of Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey in solidarity with prisoners at Burnside. The prisoners are making important, reasonable demands for their health, rehabilitation, and humane treatment.

The prisoners' full statement and demands can be read here: …

FRIDAY! September 7th
Please call Minister Furey at: His Lunenburg Office: (902) 530-3883 The Dept. of Justice: (902) 424-4044

Sample script: Hello, My name is _______. I am calling with a message for Minister Furey. I am extremely concerned about the inhumane conditions at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside. I fully support the prisoners who are peacefully protesting inside, and I am disturbed by the Minister’s silence and the denials issued by the department. People on the outside are paying very close attention to your response, and we call on Minister Furey to immediately support and move to grant all 10 of the prisoners’ reasonable demands. Thank-you.

Reports can be sent back to


Called on 9/7/2018 at 12:11PM MT, received a recording and lefta message (our script) with no callback #.
Anonymous (not verified)
Left a message and got a call back from Peter McLaughlin, director of communications for Nova Scotia DOJ. His cell is ‭+1 (902) 225-4483‬.
Anonymous (not verified)
Someone answered and said they "take the concerns very seriously" and will relay to Minister Furey. Also asked where I was calling from.
Anonymous (not verified)
Called his Lunenburg office number. His mailbox is full and he can't receive voicemails. His entire voice service was automated, so there was no opportunity to talk to anyone. Was able to leave a voicemail with the DOJ.
ck (not verified)
Called the Lunenburg office, no answer but was able to leave a voicemail
RH (not verified)
I called and the voicemail was full
RH (not verified)
I called the DOJ number too, no answer but left a message.
Anonymous (not verified)
Called, dept of justice was open but min. furey was full
Noah (not verified)
Left a message with the DOJ. F's voicemail was full