Hungerstrike in Corcoran 3C Against Indefinite Lockdown and Group Punishment


Since January 9, 2019 an estimated 250 prisoners are on hungerstrike within California State Prison - Corcoran's 3C facility in response to an indefinite lockdown. They have asked that this info be made public and that their demands be heard.

BACKGROUND: All units within 3C have been on "modified program" for a three and a half months. Here this essentially means a "lockdown" in all meaningful aspects - no visitation, no canteen, no packages, no educational, rehab or vocational programming, and little yard time. The pretext for this indefinite lockdown by CDCr of hundreds of prisoners for months on end is an altercation on Sept 28th which saw three prisoners from their grouping attacked and put into the infirmary. Group punishments and indefinite isolation are standard practices by CDCr and must stop. These practices only escalate trauma and conflict, and ultimately only promote violence and destabilization within facilities. This effects are not an accident or "regrettable by-products". This is how CDCr interprets its mission: control by brutalization and division.

Representatives of the unit have composed and relayed their demands to the outside as follows:

"Corcoran State Prison (3C YRD)

6 Core Demands Are As Follows:

  1. Lift Lock-Down.
  2. Allow Visits.
  3. Allow Us To Attend Educational Vocational & Rehabilitation Programs That We’re Enrolled In
  4. Allow us to Receive Commissary & Packages
  5. That We Be Given Our Weekly 10 hrs Mandated Of Outdoor Exercise Yard
  6. That We Are Treated Fairly




The hungerstrike representatives have requested phonecalls be made to both the warden and headquarters in Sacramento to amplify the demands. Put aside some time this Wednesday and Thursday, 1/23-24, to make some calls!


"Hello, my name is ***_________. I’m calling to insist that you meet the demands of hunger strikers in Facility 3C at Corcoran State Prison. I understand that this strike is the result of at least three months of an effective lockdown which must end. I demand that you lift the lock-down, and reinstate visits, educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programs, as well as yard time. Reinstate access to commissary, packages, and their allotted 10 hrs of yard time. This is the MINIMUM level of fairness that you are required to provide to people in your care. Thank you."

1) Corcoran State Prison (COR) Warden Ken Clark (559) 992-8800 ext.5000 
2) CDCr Division of Adult Institutions - (916) 445-7688

Don't worry about staff or representatives giving you the runaround or denying that anything is happening at Corcoran. Denial and obstruction are standard operating procedure for them.

Please reportback in comments right here!

*** You aren't obligated to give your name if you don't wish. 
UPDATE: 5:30PM Wed: Many, many calls have been made with people volunteering to figure out other offices and representatives to call. Supporters are also asking about email addresses where they can send the demands and their own concerns. S0 here ya go! (Corcoran Warden) (CDCR Secretary) (listed as Undersecretary of Operations) (listed as Director, Division of Adult Institution) Also, tomorrow we are calling for people to call CDCR Internal Affairs - Central Region as well to report misconduct by the guards: Claiming that they are letting people on the yard in "incremental release" (small handpicked groups) to manage risk and ensure safety, they instead are dropping small numbers from rival groups on the yard in to setup "dogfights" or "gladiator matches" instead of maintaining separate yard times like they claim to be doing on the programming status report. Guards are stoking conflict and the warden is on a power trip. Let IA know and boost the pressure! CDCR Office of Internal Affairs - Central Region 661-664-2054
UPDATE: Tuesday, 1/29/19 8:00am:: CORCORAN HUNGERSTRIKE UPDATE: A VICTORY! On Monday 1/28, Day 20 of the hungerstrike in Corcoran 3C, the warden came to the negotiating table. As a result, two of the demands have been met and the hungerstrike has been suspended. Last night, 245 prisoners had their first meal in 20 days. Strikers are now getting packages, enjoying full canteen privileges and negotiating a yard schedule. Negotiations to end the lockdown and restore visitation are yet to come. Stay tuned! DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS


Get the true (not verified)
NO THEY CANT TALK PEACEFULLY. Send a letter to your Love one and tell him to talk to a Bulldog without actually attacking him and see what happens to your love one. It’s orders they have to follow. All you guys are a joke keep playing this poor me attitude.
Desiree IDGAF (not verified)
Get the true . So you talk like you no whats going on in the inside You must be a C.O or some type of CDCR worker. You must no how this started then? Who was the aggressor and who was the victim? How is it that both groups went on lock down when in all other cases involving any other group only the aggressor goes on lockdown. Why is CSP refusing to make that distinction of who is the aggressor and only penalize a certain group. When in other cases that dont involve Southern Mexicans , get to make that decision! But if another race attacked a Southern Mexican both partys would go on lockdown. if the Southern Mexican allegedly attack someone there labeled as the aggressors and only they go on lockdown! Why?
Anonymous (not verified)
get the true? Are you one of those miserable P.C. wives or are you one of those wife's on those prison groups who is secretly a hater and not supportive but pretend to be?
Get the true (not verified)
Your loved ones will be happier on a PC yard with them making their own decisions instead of following someone else. Their is a standing order for the South to attack the Bulldogs. You guys get it. They have order other races to attack the bulldogs. So you guys see what’s going on. Your own love ones have snitch and told what’s going on. You guys keep doing this I know you guys won’t get what you guys want. I will continue to enjoy my freedom while you guys are miserable fighting something that has no merit. Hahahah im out
Anonymous (not verified)
Get the true Do you mean that? Where is your dignity. no, boo boo all you other people do is snitch your the ones who spread the news around b4 we even know.. Why are you so intrigued with all this? You have no life! You are a true lame to get your kicks out of all this. Your out here and steady on this post commenting BUT YOUR HAPPY enjoying freedom? It doesn't look like it..
IWOC SITE ADMIN (not verified)
*** FAMILIES *** IMPORTANT - If you comment here, do NOT use your real names. CDCr is watching and can target your loved ones inside. Say your piece loud and proud but keep it tight and on code.
Anonymous (not verified)
I heard the crips (blacks) didnt get put on lockdown after this weeks incident with the bulldogs &there having visits _ this Is ridiculous!why is that cdcr csp I need to no.? but you keep the SS Hispanic on LD &bulldogs? The warden is definitely on a power trip he has a personal problem with the SS Hispanics . If other Wardens figured out how to main train the 2 groups & you can Ken Clark you dont need to hold the title of prison Warden. You need to be investigated ASAP.
Anonymous (not verified)
On Thursday January 24th our Mac representative and another inmate were removed from their housing unit and placed into ad-seg under investigation. How is it that this happened when they have committed no acts of violence towards another race. They've been on lockdown along with the rest of the southern Hispanic population. This is crazy. The warden and captain have now taken retalitory measures against southern Hispanic inmates by attempting to Leave the inmates without a voice but guess what?! They are in a peaceful protest and will not stop fighting until their demands are met. I hope the captain and Warden knoe what you guys are doing. Boy oh boy, good luck. This is unjust and a clear violation of article 8 of their amended rights. Cruel and unusual punishment. Being continuously punished when we havent done anything. They have now placed sand bags under all southern inmates doors. This is a clear sign that tge Captain and warden are trying to fight this out instead of finding a solution. May GOD AND ONLY GOD bless you all.
Anonymous (not verified)
3C STILL ON LOCK DOWN.... What modified program? Per Vpass! Stop lying Corcoran! There slammed down! NO MODIFIED ANYTHING You now put sand bags in front of Southerners doors so basically there sealed tight,that's a violation ! Whatever little food they had stored from previous store or packages you throw it away! Why they purchased it Its not free state food. What are you trying to do kill them(I NO THIS PRISON IS VERY WELL KNOWN FOR INMATES DYING) DO YOU NOT SEE WHO THE TRUE AGGRESSOR ARE WHY IS IT THE CRIPS& MEXICAN S.S ARE ON LD WITH B.D.. ITS OBVIOUS THE BULLDOGS CANT GET ALONG WITH ANYONE . SHIP THEM OUT ALREADY , GIVE UP ALREADY KEN CLARK DAMM U TRYIN GO TO HELL OR SOMETHING , STOP TAKING IT PERSONAL AND JUST DO YOUR JOB STOP TRYING TO BE A HERO!! NOW all of a sudden the COs opening slots for trays and now after months of not doing it Yall posting the food menu up on the state channel LOL So the inmates can see what you serving. Why you trying to follow protocol now? . .PEOPLE FROM NOW ON DON'T PUT YOUR NAME IN THE COMMENTS chances are CSP will try and retaliate your loved 1.. But please dont let this scare you off there just BULLYS . Also I encourage family of the Bulldogs to join in dont you want your loved ones off LD. Or are you guys just posted , waiting to enjoy some1 else victory..humm??
Anonimous (not verified)
For those Anti-Inmate commentaries: No matter the prisoner's belief and/or affiliation, each and every individual has a Constitutionally protected right to due process of law. The main purpose of our 14th Amendment right is to avoid "arbitrary action" from the government. Here, Corcoran, the Warden, and his follower cronies, are violating this essential right when arbitrarily denying them access to yard (sunlight); in addition, they are abusing their authority when, for punitive and retaliatory reasons, they deny them their Visits- a recognized and essential rehabilation incentive- Canteen (store); Phone Calls; and/or access to self-help programs- without due cause, particularly, when these guys have not even committed an infraction or received a"write-up". Instead, the Warden chooses to incite, provoke, and fuel the violence when refusing to separate these two groups and, therefore, preserve their safety and promote reconciliation. As a final thought to all those inmate_haters: for years now CDCr has kept the "Norteños" and "Bulldogs" separated and therefore allowing these prisoners access to the programs the "Southerners" seek, request, demand through this peaceful strike. Yet, refuses to afford the same in this case which shows a clear prejudice. #SOLIDARITY #EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW
Anonymous (not verified)
This is so inhumane!! My son along with others are all loosing so much weight and starving! We demand their minimal rights be given back to them and the warden finds another solution!!
Sylvia (not verified)
This is so inhumane!! My son along with others are all loosing so much weight and starving! We demand their minimal rights be given back to them and the warden finds another solution!!
A concerned mother (not verified)
This is so inhumane!! My son along with others are all loosing so much weight and starving! We demand their minimal rights be given back to them and the warden finds another solution!!
Annynonymous (not verified)
It's over?! Read the new article
Get the true (not verified)
Well if they are loosing weight tell them to eat what is being given to them by the state. They are loosing weight cause they want too. All you concerned so get together with families of other races and show them you guys are making piece so your loves can also. It’s there fault. Also Norteños and Bulldogs is like comparing Apples to Oranges. Get the back story before making comments.
Anonymous (not verified)
Get the true....What does race have to do with it. Our loved ones don't have issues with other races! What are you referring too? Obviously your of a different race and have personal issues that you hide behind a anonymous name Get the true. .. Be about your shit fake ass scary ass lame.
Justine213 (not verified)
get the true..... Why dont you worry about your own Instead of being up in others business you nosey ass and believe no one cares or butt's in other races businesses ..Worry about your own shit . Dont you have a Facebook prison group to run..bored ass ugly bitch
3C yard (not verified)
Is it true that the Warden took off on vacation and didn't fulfill his side of the deal?
Anonymous (not verified)
you guys are all LAME!! the inmates choose to do a hunger strike the officers offer them food and they decline. u guys have no idea what ur even talking about and believing lies that your loved ones are feeding you. would u rather them let them up and they kill one of your loved ones!!!! there is a huge war going on in here between the inmates. no one put ur loved ones in prison but themselves. cruel punishment was made when ur loved ones KILL ANOTHER PERSON OR ROB SOMEONE FOR SHIT THAT ISNT THEIRS. stop blaming the prison and start blaming your loved ones. how bout telling them to stop stabbing and killing eachother and they would be off lockdown. this is their fault not the institution.
Get the true (not verified)
Thumbs up to previous comment
Christina Maria... (not verified)
How r negotiations working if the warden says ok to stop the strike but really doesn't do what he says he will we won't tolerate those kinds of things it can only get worse for him as a trusted leader if he does not actually do as he has promised
Veronica562 (not verified)
Get the true. Your wack ass is still on here wow your really have no life huh bitch! Stfu to both you lamest. All the rasict warden has to do is separate them like all the other prison in the CDC do. But hes so vengeful towards the southerners he wont so they can look like the bad guys when in fact they were not the aggressors. Actually it's not a huge war they were neutral into some bad seeds messed it up..stop being messy n stop being anonymous say who you really are so I can so slap some sense in you!!
Get the true (not verified)
You say it’s not a huge war it actually is. Know you say the warden is racist how can you back that up? He’s not racist at all. He is trying to find a solution to a huge war that is going on that can potentially kill people. Almost every day they make an attempt to bring a normal program there, but guess what when they get your loves one out to do a formal talk with the other factions guess what happens? Your love ones attack the other race being the aggressors. So if they really want this to be over why not talk to your love ones to come a peaceful agreement. Also why would they moved the other people to a different prison what about there love ones and their families. The state can segregate anymore. I wish you can see what goes on inside but you guys never will. You guys are brainwashed to Think something that is not. Tell your love ones to go out and a formel talk with the other race and come to an agreement. If they do that without taking off on them, they are done. Realize people. You guys should of raise your love ones right and they wouldn’t be in this predicament. I’m always going to be here to give you guys knowledge cause you guys don’t have a clue
BJ (not verified)
Just read the updated article I'd suggest reaching out to state legislators (Assembly members & State Senators) Calling on them to look into this and help resolve. Focus should also be on the Chairs of the CA State Assembly & Senate Committees on Public Safety that have jurisdiction over CDCR. The Chair of the Assembly Public Safety Committee is Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr. who represents South LA. His Capitol Office # 916-319-2059. The Chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee is Nancy Skinner who represents Oakland & surrounding areas. Her Capitol Office # 916-651-4009.
Veronica562 (not verified)
Get the true?? Aka, KEN CLARK □ Aka EDWARD SANCHEZ. WE ALL NO ITS YOU 2 HIDING BEHIND THIS "" get the true ..get a life. Stop lying..
Michelle Rodriguez (not verified)
Update:: May 3rd 2019 There is still a lockdown in 3c yard and gladiator fights are still happening let's get the news crews out there ASAP!
Jenny parham (not verified)
Today June 28th 3C Southern are still on lock down for something they had nothing to do with
Anonymous (not verified)
fuck these animals, theyre getting what they deserve
Anonymous (not verified)
were any of the demands met yet?
amanda (not verified)
it is now September! what is going on?
diana bolanos (not verified)
prison politics no one should be talking about especially for those that have no clue of what that is or even been to prison i hope the strike has ended sergio baeza keep safe i love you


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