Kershaw, SC: Stop Using Food as Punishment!


Kershaw Warden Gary Lane 803-896-3301 or 803-475-5770

Deputy Director of South Carolina Prisons Michael McCall 803-896-8540
Please call day and night and read the following script and let them know what you think about using food as punishment:
"Prison officials at Kershaw Institution are consistently withholding meals from prisoners in lock up as a form of mass punishment. Their reasoning for this practice stems from an inmate refusing to allow officials to close his feeding flap. Prisoners on lock up at Kershaw are in single man cells. Each time an inmate refuse to get off their feeding flap, prison officials stop feeding and just leave the remainder of the food sitting to get cold. Each time this happens, the inmate stagnates on the flap until his need is met. Ultimately, the remaining prisoners who hasn't ate are deprived of food until the issue is resolved with that particular inmate.
This practice has become widespread in South Carolina of dragging prisoners on the meals, or making excuses why meals are served hours late and cold. We overstand these actions are directly related to the ongoing spotlight on SCDC due to the national prison strike.
Captain Davis and Officer Brown are primarily punishing prisoners with food delays at Kershaw on lock up. We are asking people to call Kershaw Correctional wardens office to inquire why prisoners in Kershaw Restrictive Housing Units are being punished with delayed and cold food by Captain Davis and Officer Brown. And why these guards are not being held accountable? Demand that food be served on time and not cold hours later."

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Chris Powers (not verified)
no answer for 803-475-5770 left message with woman who answered at 803-475-5770
RH (not verified)
I heard Lane retired too. I left a message for the current warden.
Tenzin (not verified)
1st number for Gary Lane redirects, ask for ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR CANNING (who hangs up the second he hears about what you're calling for)
Jim McMahan (not verified)
Stop using food as a means of punishment. End the cruel and unusual punishment.