Phonezap Against Retaliations in North Carolina!


With resistance often comes repression, and North Carolina Department of Public Services is no different. While joining a national chorus of prison bureaucrats denying prisoner protest or strikes to the media, NC DPS is privately admitting in their infraction forms that prisoners are being thrown into segregation for strike organizing.

In North Carolina, we have heard rumors from prisoners of strike participation at eleven facilities, with confirmation of organizers being put in segregation in at least two prisons. The following info is for a mass call-in to those two facilities as well as NC DPS in Raleigh. We know that many states across the country are experiencing this kind of retaliation. Nonetheless, if you can, please take the time on Tuesday, Sept 4 to crew up with some friends and blast phone calls in to these heartless bureaucrats as often as you can. We need them to know that we're paying attention and we won't forget comrades in isolation.
NC Dep. of Public Safety
(ask for Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons)'
Polk CI
(Currently holding strike organizer Joseph Stewart in seg)
(Ask for Johnny Hawkins, warden)
Hyde CI
(Ask for David Millis, superintendent)
Hello, my name is _________. I recently heard about North Carolina prisoners participating in a national strike, and am aware that your institution is punishing inmates for their participation by placing those prisoners on disciplinary segregation. I support the cause of striking prisoners and ask that any participants or organizers not be retaliated against for their participation. People on the outside are paying attention, and organizers placed on segregation have our full support."

Reports on your calls are to be sent to

from outside supporters in NC "Thanks to everyone who called in to Hyde correctional facility and north Carolina department of public safety. We have received reports that the warden at hydes voicemail was full. Guards also have started hanging up in frustration when people call in in support of protesting prisoners. The DPS administration is still cracking down on prisoners who participated in the strike, Randy watterson has been transferred to a maximum security facility in Elizabeth city, and Todd martin has been moved to maury nc. We have heard that jace buras is in the hole after guards planted drugs in his locker. All three were on hunger strike, however Randy has stopped after being force fed by guards. Let's keep the pressure on!"


larry asbury (not verified)
Anonymous (not verified)
Polk CI says that their current warden is Johnny Hawkins. Didn’t give any updated contact info but apparently Michael Munns hasn’t worked their for a few years.
Tom Walsh (not verified)
Talked with Mr. Lassiters assistant. She denies the isolation reports. I asked if there would be an official public statement! She didn't know. Told her I'd call her back on Friday to check!
Thanks for letting us know, we've updated the script with the right warden's name . Thanks for calling!
Anonymous (not verified)
Reached Kenneth Lassiter's office - left a message similar to the script with his secretary
Monty Neill (not verified)
I was told to call 919-838-4000 to reach Kenneth Lassiter. I was connected to his office where I left a message.
Monty Neill (not verified)
Left message akin to script for Johnny Hawkins, noted Joseph Stewart. Secretary in a weary tone said she would pass the message along.
Anonymous (not verified)
left message for Lassiter at his office - was given different number (9198384000) after trying the one listed. also asked for Johnny Hawkins, left message with secretary.
Kyla Knight (not verified)
1. Dept. Of public safety transferred me to the 'prisons deptartment' to take my statement where I was placed on a long hold. Reported that "there were some civilians that held up signs and chanted some things, and sometimes the prisoners would shout something back, but I'm not aware of any retaliation. If anyone was placed in (I forget the term but disliplinary segregation) that it was due to another infraction or violation. The gentleman I spoke to here was very patient and polite. 2. Polk county claimed no prisoners participated on the strike 3. Hyde seemed to have gotten the most calls and took the note and quickly got off the phone
leif weatherby (not verified)
left message with Lassiter, no answer from Hawkins' line, got assistant (couldn't hear name, garbled) to Millis and read script
corrigan (not verified)
I called 252.926.1810. It rang for a minute or more before it was picked up. I asked for David Millis and was transfered. Miss Alvarez answered and said he was unavailable and took a message.
Samantha Clarke (not verified)
Just FYI I was told Kenneth Lassiter was out of the office and redirected twice till I got some admin person, left the message with her.
Andy (not verified)
Left a message on Lassiter's assistant's voicemail, someone from Polk hung up on me after telling me Hawkins had "gone home for the day," and left a message with an unidentified operator for Millis, who I was told was "in a meeting."
Heather Phipps (not verified)
I was told to call 919-838-4000 to reach Kenneth Lassiter. I was connected to an assistant in his office where I left a message. When I called Mr. Johnny Hawkins' office, I was told he was gone for the day and I could not leave a message. When I called David Millis' office, I talked to someone who told me he was in a meeting and they took my message.
Kara (not verified)
I emailed Kenneth Lassiter and got an automatic response saying that he was out of the office and messages should go to Carlton Joyner and Annie Harvey, so I emailed both of them too. I called Johnny Hawkins but was told he was out of the office and I could not leave a message. I called David Millis, he was out of the office so I was redirected to someone else, Jeff Maples (? not 100% sure I got the name right). He told me that the strikers had been transferred but he was not sure where. I read the script and emphasized that people are watching and that we will hold prisons accountable for treatment of strikers.
yeji (not verified)
1. They told me the # for Kenneth Lassiter was an emergency response place and not for him (?) and I wasn't sure what was going on there. 2. Johnny Hawkins had gone home for the day so they said to call tomorrow, couldn't take messages. 3. I left a message for David Millis, wasn't given another person to talk to.
Carolyn (not verified)
Was trasnferred and left VM for Lassiter, was transferred to Hawkins but the phone just kept ringing (didnt make it to VM.) I did leave a message for Millis' admin, who said she would pass it along to him this afternoon.
Anonymous (not verified)
redirected to three diff people for Lassiter (on leave apparently, left message w/ secretary). redirected to two diff people for Hawkins (left message w/ secretary). redirected to two diff people for Millis (left message w/ secretary, who said no one in the prison is currently participating in the strike).
Anonymous (not verified)
After 5pm, the call goes to Highway Patrol, who have nothing to do with it. It is just a default. They have no contact with prison officials.
Glen (not verified)
Called, Warden wasn't there, eventually spoke to Captain Sanders, who told me I needed to talk to the Warden and that as far as he knows nobody is protesting
RH (not verified)
I called but I guess I missed business hours. They told me to call back on Monday
YDSA (not verified)
online the director of prisons is labeled as George Solomon and not Kenneth Lassiter?
YDSA (not verified)
Heather (not verified)
Polk CI picked up when I called this Sunday, 9/16 - I spoke to Sargent Hatchet. She denied any strike but said that if a prisoner was to be involved in riot like behavior they'd be placed in seg. She refused to take a message and said to call back on Monday between 9 and 4.