Support Prisoners Who Vowed to Strike!


Support Prisoners After Riot at Missouri's CRCC

On May 12th, prison rebels at Crossroads Correctional Center in Missouri staged a sit in asking for the reinstatement of rehabilitation programs and recreation time.. Prison officials refused and the action escalated to sabotage on property destruction. As with most prisons, people imprisoned in CRCC are rotated in and out of the hole so they can run the prison permanently over capacity whether the people in prison had an actual infraction or not. When people go to the hole, their personal property is stored in a property room.

During the uprising at CRCC, the property room was destroyed along with several other buildings. The most common request for support after the riot has been to pressure the administration to replace everyone's lost or damaged property.

Call CRCC warden Rhonda Pash at 816-632-2727 and call the attorney general at 573-751-3321.

Leave a message if you can't reach them directly.

Please reportback on your calls by comment box below or by DM to @IWW_IWOC on twitter

Phone Script

"I am calling to request that people who lost property during the rebellion at CRCC on May 12th have all of their property replaced. People imprisoned in CRCC and most other prisons are rotated in and out of the hole so they can run the prison permanently over capacity and the paid prison administrators are responsible for that personal property as long as it is in their possession."


If officials ask for inmates' names, tell them they can find their names  from the property lists they maintain.


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Here is a mainstream news article about the riot

CRCC Missouri Phone Zap Report Back WOW! – We don't know how many calls were made, but there were a LOT! - Under pressure, administrators admitted to having a statewide search and shakedown. Also CRCC staff stopped answering *67 calls and when callers would call w caller ID on and gave a name, the staff would threaten to investigate them in a desparate effort to stem the avalanche of calls. - Other reports from today's phone zap are, as usual, phone lines clogged, Warden suddenly not being in the office until Monday (yeah right), staff begging "please stop calling here”, leaving callers on hold and then hanging up on them, not answering the phone period, getting endless busy signals, answering the phone but refusing to take messages, endless transfers of calls, telling callers they are calling the wrong office, and of course, bickering with callers. Fully pressed there at CRCC. Good work! (And we'll update with any future changes in conditions for the CRCC prisoners of course


Called at 1:37PM, MT- Rhonda Pash was not available and agent taking call stated they do not take messages. Said she is usually in M-F, 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Called back immediately for agent's name but got no answer.
Called AG Josh Hawley at 1:44 PM, MT and was answered by "Wendy". Read our statement and asked if she would relay the message and she stated, yes, she would, then hung up.
8/28, 2:09PM- Reached Sgt. Cooper, May I speak with Rhonda Pash? Cooper- What is this regarding? Me- prisoner support, may I speak with Rhonda Pash. Cooper- No? Me- Will you take a message? Cooper- No. Hung up
Anonymous (not verified)
8/29 2:12 PT Calls failed at Josh Hawley's number. Rhonda Pash had stepped out of her office, was answered by Lt. Ron Ellis, who would not take our messages. Said that Rhonda was available 8am other days.
Anonymous (not verified)
Called 8.28 and spoke to an agent who said they had been getting calls on this issue and the message had been passed along. I asked if any action had been taken to replace lost property and she said no. I asked that she pass the message on again and that people across the country were paying attention to this issue. Also left a message at the AG's office.
8/31, 2:18 PM,MT. Spoke with "Amanda", Atty Gen is not available, can i take a message? Read script and asked her to pass it to the AG. She said she would.
Vanessa (not verified)
Unable to reach anyone from attorney general's office but spoke with the secretary of the warden.
Damon :) Guthrie (not verified)
Petson at Warden's number hung up on me. Upon redial I asked forwaden pash and left message with assistant. Lm with attny generals assistant