Support Striking Prisoners at Hyde Correctional in NC


Prisoners held within the Hyde Correctional Institution, a facility in Fairfield, NC, are being threatened with retaliation for their active support and organizing in solidarity with the national #PrisonStrike. Two prisoners in particular - Todd J Martin, and Jace Buras - are being designated by prison faculty as strike organizers. They're facing threats of administrative repression, as are any other fellow prisoners connected to the national strike.

On August 20th, a noise demonstration of about twenty people took place on the front lawn of Hyde's outer perimeter during yard time. In full view of the prisoners, a procession of drums, megaphones, banners, and chants were used to communicate to them that they are not alone, that we have their backs, and that if they strike on the inside, we will strike on the outside! Banners were hung inside the prison, which read: "better food", "parole", and "in solidarity." In response, prison faculty cut yard time and coralled prisoners back into the facility.

Administrators within Hyde Correctional are doing their best to hide the prisoners and their struggles from us, and to hide our solidarity from the prisoners. But we won't let them! Call in to Hyde Correctional and tell them: no repression for striking prisoners! Keep your hands off our people!

Phone: +1-252-926-1810
Fax: +1-252-926-2306

Phone Script

"Hello, my name is ___ (first name is fine)

I'm calling in support of the prisoners taking place in the national prison strike, and to demand that administrative repression against strike organizers stop immediately. We agree with the prisoners' demands for better food, for the re-introduction of parole, and we're proud that they are standing in solidarity with striking prisoners across the country.

We will continue to watch your treatment of the striking prisoners, in particular, Todd J Martin, and Jace Buras, and we will continue to support them in the coming weeks of the strike. We insist that any repressive or retaliatory measures against these prisoners end now."


Reports on the calls should be sent to


Called at 1:50 PM, MT and was put in touch with administrator "Mr. Nelson"- I read the statement and asked if he had a response. He said "No, thank you for calling. Good bye." and hung up.