Tell the Florida Department of Corrections to #MeetTheDemands!


A call-in campaign is happening in support of the 2018 Nationwide #PrisonStrike starting Tuesday, August 21st. You can use the following script to help you in your call. The most important thing is to make the call. This will put officials on alert that we are watching. Encourage your friends and family to join as well, then hold each other accountable! Without our support on the outside prisoner resistance dies on the inside.

Background info on the campaign and the full list of demands can be found on the Prison Strike campaign page.

Any pertinent info you learn can be sent to

Phone Script

Julie Jones, Florida Department of Corrections Secretary
(850) 488-5021

"Hi, my name is ____ and I would like to talk with FDC Secretary Julie Jones about the demands being made across Florida prisons.

[FDC Response]

(If not Julie Jones) May I ask who I am speaking with?

(Record their name for update to IWOC and FTP)

Have you agreed to meet with prisoners about their demands?

[Script if they deny hearing about them]

In response to the bloodshed that occurred in South Carolina this year, prisoners across the country have banned together to demand immediate improvements to living conditions as a means to prevent similar atrocities from happening in Florida prisons. Additional demands include access to rehabilitative programs, the return of parole, and a stop to the price gouging that prisoners and their families experience on a daily basis.

It is widely known that Florida is one of the few states that does not pay those they imprison for their work. For those that do, they make pennies per hour. Will you agree to pay incarcerated workers fairly for their labor?

It is also widely known that canteen prices are well above the market price, including for essential items. Will you reduce canteen prices to affordable rates?

Finally, the FDOC no longer offers parole for those with life sentences or sentences far off in the future. Will you restore parole for the many deserving to re-enter society?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from the FDOC soon and will follow up until those you imprison are respected."


Called listed number at 1:57 PM, MT and got a recording. Chose #2, Clemency and Restoration of Rights, then pressed #2. Person answering said they had no # for Julie Jones and referred me to the State HR number. Called HR, 850 488 1234 at 2:04PM,MT. Left a message for them to call me back but my number is blocked.
Anonymous (not verified)
What does "completed" mean? Should we not call on this anymore?