September 12, 2016

Anti-Repression Toolkit

September 9th is just the beginning of a sustained and ongoing direct action. For this action to bear fruit our outside support must also be sustained. Prisoners across the country are defying direct orders every day and their captors are responding with great violence, cell extractions, beatings, isolation, torture. It is all happening out of sight, behind the fences and walls of the prisons, which is all the more reason for us to get involved.

IWOC is growing rapidly and we're hoping to one day match the burgeoning resistance on the inside, to have the capacity to make every prisoner's grievance hold weight and consequences for the abusive authorities. For that to happen, we need more people to get involved in more ways. Here are some tools we've created that your branch or your group of friends can employ to build the movement.

1. Strike Tracking- our information about the scale and scope of the September 9 workstoppage and protest is incomplete. This document is where we are publicly compiling information about suspected, attempted, or successful strikes. Check it out and find out how you can add to the knowledge.

2. Demonstrations- it is important that we continue to take the streets and march on the prisons. This weekend, dozens of events, some including hundreds of people occurred across the country and around the world. There were banner drops and graffiti bombs, noise demos, marches and really boisterous, beautiful and creative acts. Our friends at are tracking everything they can. Let them know what you're up to, and share the stories of struggle with others, but most importantly, keep the actions coming!

3. Solidarity Letters- many prisoners are suffering some kind of retaliation for participating specifically in September 9 or IWOC related activities. This is a list of their names and addresses, please send them mail, show them some love and show their captors that people are paying attention.

4. Phone Zaps- one way to maintain constant low-level pressure on the prison authorities is to check in on our friends and insist their demands be met. We've made it easy with this collection of phone numbers and scripts. Please make some calls, let us know you've called, and we'll add new scripts to the list and send reminders to keep calling.

5. Donate- postage, printing, travel, organizing, prison phone calls, so much of what IWOC does costs money. You can help out by contributing or sharing this campaign on social media, or making donations through our website.


Digest updates of actions- friends at SPR have collected and reformatted