May 9, 2017

The Incarcerated Worker #6 Winter 2016/2017

Cover of the Incarcerated Worker, drawing by White Bear of a wolf.

The Incarcerated Worker features writings of prisoners, welcoming contributions of writing and art particularly from a revolutionary labor perspective.

In this issue:

  • On Forming Inside Branches by FW Zero
  • Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Maurice Ward
  • Timeline: Recent Events
  • Rehabilitation by Stagnation by Reo L. Covington
  • Editor's Notes by Mike Lucas
  • JLS Lawyers Speak
  • Poem: Lost Souls by Anthony Heidenrieck
  • A Day in the Life of Time by Eric
  • IWW Election Results
  • Interview with Melvin Ray and Cole Dorsey
  • Artwork by
    • White Bear
    • Ralph "Bingo" Chaplin
    • Marius Mason
    • Kevin "Rashid" Johnson