News Article
June 30, 2017

Corcoran Prisoners Need Heatwave Relief!

Phone Zap Today! FRIDAY JUNE 30th!

During this heatwave in California, families in touch with their loved ones inside Corcoran are urgently asking for help. Triple-digit weather has been affecting the area and prisoners are being confined to their hot cells, and denied access to fans and medical accommodations. They are also being denied their programs, because guards refuse to withstand the heat to supervise them. These conditions are life threatening. Some have already been hospitalized and the heat is only projected to get worse.

We must all place urgent pressure on prison officials to immediately provide relief. Pressure from phone blasts has created necessary relief in the past. Folks inside Corcoran need our help! Take the time to call Warden Sexton on FRIDAY, JUNE 30th and demand relief. A sample script is below.


To call the office of Michael Sexton, Warden at CSP Corcoran

(559) 992-8800 x5000




“Hello my name is                           .

I’m deeply concerned about the current inhumane conditions in CSP Corcoran.

Inmates are being kept in their cells without air conditioning while fans whir in empty day-rooms or are hoarded by guards. Medical issues are not being accommodated, and inmates are being denied programs because guards refuse to brave the heat. We already know that people have been rushed to the infirmary as a result of the conditions that you are allowing. You NEED to take action immediately before people start dying!

I demand that inmates be given back access to programs, day-rooms, fans, and cold water, as was assured to the family members of prisoners, and that the medical neglect stop immediately! You are accountable for the people under your supervision and we are watching. Thank you.”