Corcoran Prisoners Need Heatwave Relief!


June 20, 2017 - IWOC coordinates a phone zap that jams the warden's office phone system, prompting authorities to shut down lines to voicemail and the Public Information Officer (PIO) head home early rather than field more calls.

The recent California heatwave is hitting the central valley, also known as "prison alley", and is seriously hurting people inside. Fans have been set up in dayrooms but guards are refusing to leave their stations with air conditioning to let prisoners out of their cells to program. A letter just received by a family member put the temperature inside his cell at 114. We've received reports of heat exhaustion, respiratory distress, heart problems and more all sending people to the infirmary.

Stay Updated

After a successful phone zap, we're now planning the next move in the campaign. Oakland IWOC will be posting an update as soon as we hear more from the inside.

Reportback: Oakland IWOC, Saturday July 1, 2017

"Mom, I don't know what you had going on out there, but they came into my cell and checked the temperature... ...they are taking us more serious now."

Thanks to all who participated in Friday's phonezap action to bring heat relief to the brothers in Corcoran!

We got reports all day from people who were calling and emailing Corcoran officials and there's no doubt the prison bosses felt the pressure.

We've got word back already from inside:


OakIWOC: "So have you heard anything from your son yet?"

M: "Yes, It was Awesome!

I was waiting to talk to you to let you know what my son reported the last time I talked to him.

He said "Mom, I don't know what you had going on out there but they came in to my cell and checked the temperature".. ..So, I hope to hear from him again to hear if they are actually making the necessary corrective actions, but they are taking us more serious now.

My son said to tell you & everyone else "Thank you!!" Him and all the other guys really appreciate everything that you are doing for them."


Solidarity works.

Solidarity is simple, Heed the call.

"Inside, Outside! All on the same side!"

- Oakland IWOC


Campaign Scope 
Return access to programs, day-rooms, fans, and cold water (met)
End current medical neglect (met)