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August 12, 2019

A thank you from a Hungerstriker in NC

  Thank you all for your ongoing participation in the hungerstrike that began on July 31st at Scotland Correctional in Laurinburg, North Carolina. The lines of communication between the hungerstrikers and their supporters were temporarily blocked by the prison tyrants until just recently when we were finally able to receive the following letter:


Aug 11, 2019
Revolutionary Love, 
     Komrade is more than a friend, it's a title given to one who struggles with you and makes sacrifices to assure their Komrade knows they have a Komrade. 
     So thank you Komrades all of you who took the time to shine a strobe light on the inhumane living conditions myself and others were being subjected to. When unconscious prisoners see that there are people who care about us, their morale and desire to join the struggle reach unforeseen heights. 
     Love and Solidarity was what motivated you all and know we are grateful for all the time and energy that was put in to let these miscreants know that we have people that love us despite our flaws. When outside support is shown, these miscreants think twice before they move on us. 
     We knew there would be reprisals and I was the victim of them, but I gladly take them with pride knowing that my fellow prisoner can enjoy exercise outside his cell five days a week and be offered a phone call every 90 days. 
     Since the calls were made, Captain Henderson has been in the process of addressing our complaints. She let it be known that it wouldn't be done overnight, but the recreation was rectified immediately, we're still waiting to hear from her on the phone calls which must be provided once every 90 days. They are obviously not complying with their own policies and procedures. This negligence on behalf of the prison staff is nothing new and there's still a mile to walk but with the support of ya'll on the outside we don't have to walk the mile alone. 
Fellow Komrade     
Held captive by the state at Scotland Correctional Institution
Inside, outside, all on the same side!
Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee