Round 2! for NC Hungerstrike at Scotland C.I.



Aug 11, 2019
Revolutionary Love, 
     Komrade is more than a friend, it's a title given to one who struggles with you and makes sacrifices to assure their Komrade knows they have a Komrade. 
     So thank you Komrades all of you who took the time to shine a strobe light on the inhumane living conditions myself and others were being subjected to. When unconscious prisoners see that there are people who care about us, their morale and desire to join the struggle reach unforeseen heights. 
     Love and Solidarity was what motivated you all and know we are grateful for all the time and energy that was put in to let these miscreants know that we have people that love us despite our flaws. When outside support is shown, these miscreants think twice before they move on us. 
     We knew there would be reprisals and I was the victim of them, but I gladly take them with pride knowing that my fellow prisoner can enjoy exercise outside his cell five days a week and be offered a phone call every 90 days. 
     Since the calls were made, Captain Henderson has been in the process of addressing our complaints. She let it be known that it wouldn't be done overnight, but the recreation was rectified immediately, we're still waiting to hear from her on the phone calls which must be provided once every 90 days. They are obviously not complying with their own policies and procedures. This negligence on behalf of the prison staff is nothing new and there's still a mile to walk but with the support of ya'll on the outside we don't have to walk the mile alone. 
Fellow Komrade     
Hunger Striker 
Held captive by the state at Scotland Correctional Institution 


Monday is Day 6 of the hungerstrike within the solitary unit at Scotland Correctional, North Carolina.
They aren't quitting and neither are we until their demands are met.
Make those phones ring all day!

(Additional numbers and email addresses have been added below.)

July 31 - Hunger Strike Begins in North Carolina, fist holding phone

Monday, August 5 - ongoing
8am EST - allllll dayyyyy longgg


Requests for notaries necessary for legal actions and grievances against conditions at this razor-wire plantation are being consistently ignored. Many of these grievances are against Scotland denying those held captive in solitary confinement of their recreation time. Scotland's staff will simply claim that recreation is "canceled". NCDOC's own Policy and Procedures (Chapter C, Section .1206 (B)) guarantees that those on "restrictive housing" (solitary confinement) shall be allowed to recreation outside of the cell five days a week for one hour a day. Scotland is violating their own policies and causing severe harm to all those  forced to be confined to a small cell 24/7.

Furthermore, Scotland's so-called medical staff conducts what are called “seg checks” at 1am-2am every night when everyone is asleep. This seg check involves banging on everyone's window disrupting their sleep and startling them. Sleep deprivation is widely recognized as a method of torture.


Call (910) 844-3078 and ask to speak to Captain Henderson and Superintendent Katie Poole
Email Captain Henderson at
Call North Carolina Department of Public Safety 919-825-2754  
Call NCDPS Secretary Eric A. Hooks at 919-733-2126

Record calls if possible. Leave long messages on voicemails. Call multiple times and disrupt their operations. Remember that denial and obstruction are standard operating procedures for them.

Report any and all info received to


Suggested call script:

"Hi my name is ________, The world is watching and is in support of the hunger strikers there at Scotland Correctional Institution. We are well aware of your violations in denying them a legal notary and throwing out their grievances. Multiple grievances have been made against your "cancellations" of recreation in spite of your Policy and Procedures manual stating that those on restrictive housing shall be allowed to rec outside of the cell for five days out of the week for one hour a day. Many humanitarian organizations have been informed on Scotland Correctional Institution's violations that directly torture those you confine to a cell 24/7. 

We have also been informed that Scotland's so-called medical staff has been conducting "seg checks" at unreasonable hours of the night, 1am-2am every night when everyone is clearly asleep. These seg checks involve medical staff banging on everyone's door, disrupting their sleep and causing further psychological harm. 

These methods of torture will be widely exposed and we not quit until they have ceased."


*"Inmates assigned to Administrative Segregation, and Disciplinary Segregation, Intensive Control, Maximum Control, High Security Maximum Control, Protective Control, shall be allowed one hour per day, five days per week exercise outside the cell, unless safety or security considerations dictate otherwise. Medical authorities may grant exceptions to the five times per week exercise requirement for specific reasons. The exercising of an inmate or the inmate’s refusal to exercise shall be documented on form DC-141."*  (



Anonymous (not verified)
Anonymous (not verified)
ATL IWOC (not verified)
8/5 : 8AM-10AM Hung up on several times after asking about the conditions of the hunger strikers. 12:30 PM : First person to pick up before transferring my call, suspiciously asked if I had any connections to any employees or guards there at Scotland. My response was a pause, and a equally suspicious, nope. It's nice to know that they are suspicious of their own disgraceful kind. Transferred to Poole by the warden, phone has been ringing non stop for 20 min.
Anonymous (not verified)
8/5 2:30PM Checking through the employee directory, managed to find Erik Hooks in there as well: State of North Carolina Dept of Public Safety Office of the Secretary Erik Adrian Hooks 919-662-4500
Anonymous (not verified)
8/5 1pm Eastern Just reporting back that after my call being transferred about 10 times (not exaggerating), I spoke with Sup. Poole who claimed that the "allegations" were being investigated and would be crowded if substantiated (yeah right) and would give no timeframe for the process of starting and conducting the "investigation" much less reporting back about it.
Anonymous (not verified)
Hey made the calls, I called the prison got Katie Poole's secretary and left word with them. I then called the NC public health and safety and they gave me the numbers and e-mails of Jerry Higgins (919) 456-3145 and John Bull 989-255-6021 they then transferred me to John Bull and I got John Bull on the phone who said they were" looking into the allegations to find out if they were true." I then tried to call NCDPS secretary Eric A Hooks but the system was so automated that I could not get to the right person, and I kept getting someone else' voicemail. By that time it was 5pm.
Anonymous (not verified)
NC Division of Prisons (919) 838-4000 Fax (919) 733-8272
anon (not verified)
hmm this might be worth calling and complaining to Inmate Grievance Resolution Board, North Carolina Department of Corrections 1307 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 153 Raleigh, NC 27605-3254 Phone: (919) 733-2957 Fax: (919) 733-8959

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