Blood on Floor, No Soap/Toilet Paper, Mixing Male/Female Populations - Smith County TX Jail -


There is an urgent need for immediate remedy in Smith County Texas and their jail facility. There is reported blood, urine and feces that goes uncleaned in the booking cells where immune compromised / HIV infected individuals are being kept from up to 7 - 9 days before being booked or introduced into a 14 day quarantine area. While in booking, they only have a chair and toilet. There is no blankets or anything for sleep provided. Medicine for those who require it is also not be being provided, where individuals are getting seizures because of not providing seizure medication. The detained are also accused of making up their symptoms.  The detained are being made fun of for their lack of ammenities of no soap or toilet paper nor a clean supply of drinking water. Populations are mixing, even mixing male and female populations, creating great potential of sexual abuse within the population. There is widespread COVID-19 in the population, and they supposedly quarantine, but make no effort  before quarantine to make sure protocols are followed, pretty much negating any usefulness out of quarantine, leading to prolonged torture of useless isolation and sleeplessness, which leads to erratic behavior that the jailers use against the detained. The jail can be hard to reach via a phone call due to their major understaffing and medical understaffing, as 35 medical personnel just recently walked away. There is only one person working booking. I know individuals there who are at risk of fatal complications due to their physical condition. The negligence is gross, incompetent and even criminal. The jail's number is 903-590-2800. Immediate ramifications for the criminal negligence of the jail is required.


Brian Sylvester (not verified)
I hope you can sleep at night, treating these poor desperate people worse then cattle are treated.

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