Call to Action: East Meridian Correctional Facility Refuses to fix showers amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

A call to action is needed for the men incarcerated at East Meridian Correctional Facility. They have 64 men on unit #6 with two working showers out of six. These four showers have been broken for almost four months. Staff including maintenance and Warden H. Portillo are aware of this and choose not to fix this issue among many others on unit #6 and in the prison in general. They also have not had haircuts since before Christmas. Call times begin Monday January 31st to February 7th. This is a mental health facility. These men deserve to properly groom themselves especially during a pandemic
Phone Zap will take place from Monday, February 1st - Sunday, February 7th 
Suggested Script: 
I have been reliably informed that the East Merdian Correctional Facility under the watch of Warden H. Portillo has refused to fix the showers in unit #6. 64 men are reduced to using only two working showers and this has been going on for nearly four months. This is unacceptable anytime much less during a global pandemic. I demand that there be accountability for those who refuse to repair the issue. This is an attack on the human dignity, mental health, and very lives of the people housed within this mental health facility. 
Phone numbers to call: 
EMFC 1(601)485-5255


Freda Shines (not verified)
This is unacceptable
jaeseu (not verified)
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