Call-In for Kanuatica Zayre Brown! Wed, May 15th


#URGENT Call-in Wednesday, May 15th; please call Governor Roy Cooper, Director of Prisons, Kenneth Lassiter and North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

Facebook event with images and infographics you can send:

The grassroots pressure is working and we've got to keep it up!

WE NEED YOU TO CALL, EMAIL and FAX to show your solidarity with Kanautica as she continues to suffer from the systematic denial of her personhood. The goal of a call-in is to overwhelm an office with communications. Share this invite widely!

Our friend Kanautica Zayre-Brown (#0618705) is a trans woman currently incarcerated at Warren Correctional Institute, a men’s prison. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety has refused to meet her demand to be transferred to a women’s facility.
Kanautica’s request for a transfer has been met with cruel retaliation, including 25 days in solitary confinement at Harnett Correctional Institute, and half-measures, such as her transfer to another men’s facility.

Due to on-going pressure from Kanautica and supporters on the outside, the NC Department of Justice has ordered DPS to transfer Kanautica to a women’s facility, but DPS is yet to set a timeline and continues to stall. Her transfer cannot wait another day. Kanautica has made it clear that she will continue to fight until she is transferred to a women’s facility, and she asks that we continue our demand to #TransferKanauticaNow

For more background information on Kanautica’s case go to

Suggested Call Script:
Hello, my name is…and I’m calling from… I am calling in support of Kanautica Zayre-Brown, #0618705, a woman currently held at Warren Correctional Institute, a men’s prison. I am very concerned about her health and safety at Warren and the lack of proper treatment she is receiving. We have no confidence that the staff at Warren nor officials up the chain at DPS have Kanautica’s safety in mind, and I demand that you immediately follow through on the North Carolina Department of Justice’s demand to transfer Kanautica to a women’s facility.

Additional line for Governor Cooper’s office: Governor Cooper’s silence on this issue is shameful. Where does he stand? Is he on Kanatuica’s side or not?

Phone Numbers (in order of priority)
1. Governor Roy Cooper, 919-814-2000
2. Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons, 984-255-6031
3. Josh Stein, Attorney General of North Carolina, 919-716-6400

Governor Roy Cooper:
Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons:
Josh Stein, Attorney General of North Carolina

Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons 919-733-8272
Governor Roy Cooper 919-733-2120
Attorney General Josh Stein 919-716-6750
To send a free fax via email:

We've posted images and infographics in the discussion section that you can send.


Note: Be stern with the individual who answers the phone. Insist to speak to who you call for. Give no more information to the secretary other than your name. Record calls if possible. To share information on the results of the call, fill out the form below:


Albert Hall (not verified)
Albert Hall (not verified)

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