Free Jason Goudlock and Other Ohio Old-Law Prisoners


Jason Goudlock and thousands of other old-law prisoners in Ohio should be out of prison. People committing similar crimes under new laws have definite sentences and have since come and gone while the old-law prisoners, like Jason Goudlock, remain locked up. Add to this situation the high risk of contracting COVID-19 and it's clear that these old-law prisoners need to be released NOW!

See for more information about Jason and Ohio's old-law prisoners situation.

Please call Governor Mike Dewine (614) 466-3555 and


Beverly J Allen (not verified)
I'm writing regarding my brother David Conard, who is under the old-law and the parole board will not let him out. They tell him he is a good role mate, and he is doing what he's asked to do. He has gotten his GED. Plus, he works in the prison and takes classes and has been saved since he's been locked up. The parole board keeps bring up his past and asks him questions about what happened and when he tells them he don't know they tell him that he's a risk and not ready to be released and give him more time. He has been locked up for 25 years now. The parole board told him that they will tell the Governor to keep him locked up for life and never to let him out! So how is this fair to him and his family that he has to stay behind bars when you have new prisoners doing what he is locked up for getting out in under 5 years!!! Since he's been locked up his health has been going downhill. He has a lot of food allergies and some of the foods they service he can't have. He almost died in there a couple of times due to his allergies. He was able to get food orders that he could eat, and drink and they did away with some foods and drinks and replaced them with what he's allergy to. So, I'm writing to ask you to please reread his paperwork and let him be released from prison. Thank you.
Jason (not verified)
Beverly j Allen David Canard is a rapist. Who cares about the food allergies of a rapist. He is exactly where he belongs-in a jail cell forever. If someone raped you- how would you feel about some one advocating for the release of the man who raped you? Or your daughter? Or your mom? Yes let's release all the rapists! Lord knows they never re offend.

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