Incarcerated firefighters need our help again!


Lady firefighters at CCWF need our help again.


They’re being strung along on the good time credits they've earned.  It's admin's job to sign off on them since the courses have already been completed..  but they're not doing it.


These women protect our communities from climate disasters for penny wages and time off their sentences, but guys who work at desks can't even be bothered to sign some papers to give them what they earned.


It's actually worse than that.  Some of the firefighters took a training on hazmat suits, and the prison later discontinued that training.  Now they're being told that they won't get the time off for this training because the prison discontinued it.  But they completed the training.  This is obviously not how educational credits work at any intuition of learning.


Email template below.




Subject: Firefighters denied earned time credits


Mr. Pallares,


It's come to my attention that our brave firefighters at CCWF are being de-facto denied the time off their sentences they lawfully earned by completing various training courses, such as CPR and HazMat courses.  We hope you agree that these women need to have their educational credits approved by the chief of the firehouse immediately.


We hope you will see to it that this problem is rectified as soon as possible.


Other lanugage you can include or base your own message off of:


  • In the case of the hazmat course, a women was told she will not receive credits at all because the course, which she completed, is no longer taught.  That's not how educational credits work.
  • We've heard that the firehouse chief has said he's "busy," but if these women can put their lives on the line to protect California from climate disasters, than the firehouse chief had better be able to fill out some paperwork and validate the credits they're earned.
  • Our firefighters deserve far better than this.  They're working so hard to put their new lives together while also fighting wildfires of historic proportion.   Nobody should be putting more obstacles in their way.

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