It's not a death sentence!


Jermon Clark is one man in Beaumont Low Security FCI who caught Covid 19 amid the current outbreak that is running out of control.  In particular, he is high risk with sickle cell and hypertension.  Jermon's charges, his 55 year sentence earned at 16, are based on the crime committed by the older boys he was with.  25 years later, those charges are cited as the reason he can't be released. 

Call Beaumont and let them know that we are watching, and we will never be ok with risking our loved ones' lives, not just at initial infection, but at each subsequent infection they could catch as their immune systems weaken.

Micheal Carvajal BOP Director 202 307 3250. 

Federal Correctional Complex Beaumont (FCC):  409 727-8172

Federal Bureau of Prisons: 202 616-2112

David Brewer, Acting Senior Deputy Assistant Director, Correctional Programs Division: 202 353-3638 

Please also sign this petition demanding the release of our loved ones before it is too late:


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