July 31 - NC Hunger Strike Begins!


This hunger strike is due to begin July 31, 2019 within the solitary unit at Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, NC.

Let Day One be a day of inside-outside solidarity! 

Wed, July 31
8am EST - allllll dayyyyy longgg


Requests for notaries necessary for legal actions and grievances against conditions at this razor-wire plantation are being consistently ignored. Many of these grievances are against Scotland denying those held captive in solitary confinement of their recreation time. Scotland's staff will simply claim that recreation is "canceled". NCDOC's own Policy and Procedures (Chapter C, Section .1206 (B)) guarantees that those on "restrictive housing" (solitary confinement) shall be allowed to recreation outside of the cell five days a week for one hour a day. Scotland is violating their own policies and causing severe harm to all those  forced to be confined to a small cell 24/7.

Furthermore, Scotland's so-called medical staff conducts what are called “seg checks” at 1am-2am every night when everyone is asleep. This seg check involves banging on everyone's window disrupting their sleep and startling them. Sleep deprivation is widely recognized as a method of torture.


Call (910) 844-3078 and ask to speak to Captain Henderson and Superintendent Katie Poole

Record calls if possible. Leave long messages on voicemails. Call multiple times and disrupt their operations. Remember that denial and obstruction are standard operating procedures for them.

Report any and all info received to atlantaiwoc@protonmail.com


Suggested call script:

"Hi my name is ________, The world is watching and is in support of the hunger strikers there at Scotland Correctional Institution. We are well aware of your violations in denying them a legal notary and throwing out their grievances. Multiple grievances have been made against your "cancellations" of recreation in spite of your Policy and Procedures manual stating that those on restrictive housing shall be allowed to rec outside of the cell for five days out of the week for one hour a day. Many humanitarian organizations have been informed on Scotland Correctional Institution's violations that directly torture those you confine to a cell 24/7. 

We have also been informed that Scotland's so-called medical staff has been conducting "seg checks" at unreasonable hours of the night, 1am-2am every night when everyone is clearly asleep. These seg checks involve medical staff banging on everyone's door, disrupting their sleep and causing further psychological harm. 

These methods of torture will be widely exposed and we not quit until they have ceased."



*"Inmates assigned to Administrative Segregation, and Disciplinary Segregation, Intensive Control, Maximum Control, High Security Maximum Control, Protective Control, shall be allowed one hour per day, five days per week exercise outside the cell, unless safety or security considerations dictate otherwise. Medical authorities may grant exceptions to the five times per week exercise requirement for specific reasons. The exercising of an inmate or the inmate’s refusal to exercise shall be documented on form DC-141."  (https://www.doc.state.nc.us/DOP/policy_procedure_manual/C1200.pdf)




Suzana Vangjeli (not verified)
The Torture Of Solitary Confinement At Furthermore Scotland Correction Must End
Atlanta Iwoc (not verified)
Thanks everyone! The line sounds like it has been disconnected, for now. Let’s keep up the calls until we can get through
Atlanta Iwoc (not verified)
In the meantime, Folks can call North Carolina Department of Public Safety at 919-825-2754 and the agencie’s chief executive Eric A. Hooks at 919-733-2126. Let them know that Scotland has disconnected its only phone line and the reasons for your call.
Atlanta Iwoc (not verified)
karen.henderson@ncdps.gov https://www.ncdps.gov/employee/5d4158a74b794c1b15cfd35d
Anonymous (not verified)
I managed to get through! not sure what was going on but they're picking up now, so all systems go (away)!
Atlanta Iwoc (not verified)
Keep in mind, the gov't's pawns lie, all of the time. Put the pressure on them to provide you with the evidence to be proven otherwise, ask what the process is for grievances, ask to be transferred to the notarizer(s), ask about their medical staff (names, private company name, contacts, protocol details for "seg checks", etc). You can even tell them that you'll be conducting your own investigations into the matter.
Anon (not verified)
Connected to phones with no voicemail. Found this email address and sent message instead: katy.poole@ncdps.gov
Shari Stone-Med... (not verified)
Capt. Henderson will completely deny the charges, so the suggestions above are good ones: ask about the grievance procedure, the names and contacts for medical staff, protocols for "seg checks," etc. You might also ask her to speak directly with the strikers to hear their concerns; and to confirm in writing that no one will be retaliated against for peaceful protest.
Atlanta Iwoc (not verified)
Thank you Shari! "You might also ask [captain karen henderson] to speak directly with the strikers to hear their concerns; and to confirm in writing that no one will be retaliated against for peaceful protest." Good Idea!
Albert Stabler (not verified)
Hi, I saw the post on Facebook and called, but the line is down again, so I will try the email. Good luck with this effort.
Anonymous (not verified)
I called and got Poole's secretary. as soon as I started reciting the script they said to just leave your name and # which I did not want to do so they just said "thank you for your call and hung up.
JB (not verified)
Called at 4:30. Someone answered and I asked to leave a message for Superintendent Poole. He said "hold, please" and I was on hold for several minutes with no answer and no voicemail. I hung up and called back the main line. No one answered.
B (not verified)
It’s 4:39 and I’ve called several times and have reached someone every time. I don’t have the script in front of me so I remain silent until they hang up. They finally called out my number through their caller id though.
IA in California (not verified)
Called twice, asking for Henderson and then for Poole. Was told that neither were in and that neither have voicemail set up; they asked me to call back tomorrow (which I certainly will). When I asked to recite a message they hung up, I could hear the phone line perpetually ringing in the background. Keep it up y’all!
Anonymous (not verified)
7/31 @6:50pm eastern time hi! just to say, i called and asked for each of the people listed and they wouldn’t even let me leave a message
Anonymous (not verified)
7/31 7pm eastern I called and got routed to an underling. I left the message anyway.
Anonymous (not verified)
7/31 @7:40pm Eastern I spoke with superintendent Katie Poole who denied everything and told me that the incarcerated organizers are lying doing this "for attention" because they're "bored" and "they're not angels". Eventually she hung up on me. @7:03pm Eastern I called back and got connected with Sarah Mclucas, the program director. I asked her what she could tell me about prisoners being denied recreation time she asked me if it was in reference to an email sent by Asked me if this was in reference to an email sent by Ben Edwards. I don't know who that is or what she was referring to. She said she would call me back tomorrow so we'll see
Anonymous (not verified)
7/31 @ 4:25 Eastern I called and got Poole's secretary. as soon as I started reciting the script they said to just leave your name and # which I did not want to do so they just said "thank you for your call and hung up.
Dan (NYC) (not verified)
The line to which I was transferred for Henderson/Poole now seems to be just ringing without going to voicemail. No answer. Any others encountering the same?
Crap (not verified)
What of bunch of BS
Rose in California (not verified)
I sent an email with the message above in my own words. This was the reply I got from Katy Poole: Scotland Correctional Institution appreciates the concerns about the offender population. We are investigating the allegations, and if substantiated, we will take immediate corrective action. Again, thank you for your concern.

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