Phonezap for Martin CI in Florida: Rampant Filth and Food Violations


Florida prisons are notorious for abuse, toxic conditions and other human rights abuses. People imprisoned within Martin Correctional Institution are being subjected to filth, mold, infestations, starvation, and retaliation when they attempt to bring attention to the conditions of their confinement. Within hours of asking for help comrades inside are snatched by police, put in confinement, and threatened with further abuse.
Background: Last year during the 2018 National Prisoner Strike that took place from August 21st to September 9th, prisoners at Martin CI participated in the general strike and commissary boycott in order to force prison administration to hear their demands.  Martin CI was also the target of outside protests last year in response to the horrific conditions inside (link below).

Thursday, June 20
8am - 5 pm EST

Martin CI Food Service violations, as per prisoner testimony:

1. Kitchen is infested with rats and roaches, all running through the dining hall during feeding.

2. Constant and intentional deviation from master menu and state standards. Food Service Director Mitchell serves whatever he pleases with impunity.

3. Constant intentional serving of spoiled, leftover food. Exposing prisoners to stomach viruses and food poisoning which occurred en masse in March 2019.

4. Moldy trays, greasy sporks and cups. All trays, cups,and sporks are being washed in filthy garbage cans, rather than by dishwasher and without legally required water temperature and detergent.

5. Prisoner cooks, preparing lavish meals (BBQ chicken, cinnamon rolls, chicken sandwiches and fried potatoes) for Overseers,while prison population is fed swill

6. Food Service Director Mitchell is misappropriating taxpayer funds. Using taxpayer funds to orderfood for his two restaurants in society.

7. Food Service Director Mitchell is threatening to take prisoners off their religious or dietary meals or even put them in solitary confinement if they file grievances regarding master menu deviation.

8. Food Service Director, Mitchell is throwing prisoner grievances regarding food service in the trash. He even laughs at prisoners, boldly stating,"Keep writing grievances! I'm a potato you niggers' ass to death." (meaning no nutrition but potatoes).

9. Martin CI administration is totally aware of Food Service Director Mitchell's actions but refuse to correct him. Instead, administration is helping him cover up food service violations.

We need your help on the outside to bring pressure and shine a light on these violations!
Please make these calls and write these emails!

"I'm calling about the horrific violations that are occuring in food service at Martin Correctional Institution such as spoiled food being served, unsanitary conditions, abuses of authority and rampant vermin infestations. I demand these complaints be addressed and any prisoners who have been retaliated against for exposing these human rights violations be released from confinement immediately and have their visitation rights restored. Thank you"

Martin CI Warden Robert Bryner

Director Region 4,Thomas Reid

DOC Secretary Mark Inch

Gov. Ron DeSantis

Don't be worried if anyone is rude or if they argue or deny anything is going on. That is what they always do! Just you calling or emailing delivers the message that we are watching and we know the situation.

If you have any feedback to report, you can comment below right here on this page. We will be offering updates and relaying feedback as we get it. Thanks!

Update from Gainesville IWOC! "We are adding a new target to this campaign. The following number is for the Martin County Department of Health office. This is a state agency capable of conducting inspections in order to address public health and safety concerns. (772) 221-4000 Dial 6 at the menu to speak with the environmental health inspector. Hopefully this can result in some much needed oversight at the Martin CI prison."


Paula barker (not verified)
Need a federal investigation into taxpayers money being diverted to private use
Lisa (not verified)
2nd DOC number takes you to a menu. I pressed 3 for the Inspector Generals office and spoke to Veronica in the Inspector General's office. She said a complaint for investigation can be made with the Bureau of Contract Management and Monitoring. I couldn't catch the name of the person on their voicemail but their direct number is 850-717-3954 Also office of health services Thomas Reimers and doctor Timothy Whalen Centurion: or 844-474-5952 FDC Office of Health Services or 850-717-3277
Lisa (not verified)
I pressed 4 for medical on the menu. The person transferred me to the Control Room. You can ask for Mitchell and or Bryner but I wasn't able to get a person live on the phone.
Earthworm (not verified)
The first number just takes you to a menu, I hit 8 to talk to the business office, spoke to a human and left a message for the warden. The second number also takes you to a menu, I hit four for institutions, left a message on an answering machine.
I also tried emailing and that doesn't seem to have given me a bounceback message, so could be worth trying that as well.
PJ Heart (not verified)
I emailed Gov. DeSantis...this was response I got. I didn’t mention IWOC or use the suggested script in my email but they knew. Hello, I have received your correspondence regarding Martin C.I. for review and response. As it appears your concerns are in relation to the IWOC PhoneZap request I’m providing you with the full response to the concerns listed on that website. I would like to assure you that in addition to ensuring the care and custody of the inmate population, the Department strives to assist and encourage all inmates to be prepared for the hopeful re-entry into society. Anything that we can do to help prepare inmates for re-entry is one of the most crucial focuses of the Department. To that effect the Department requires our staff to act in a professional and ethical manner at all times. No exceptions will be tolerated. If at any time I find evidence that staff have harassed any of the inmates in our care I will act swiftly to ensure the matter is dealt with to the extent of department policy and if applicable state and federal laws. Staff members at our facility ensure food being served is in compliance with, state statutes, state administrative code (to include F.A.C. 64E-11, Department of Health), department procedures, and national accreditation standards. This includes foods being served to inmates in special housing and to staff. Sanitation practices are compliant with those outlined in state statutes, state administrative code, department procedures, and national accreditation standards. Our food service staff ensure that clear, concise instructions for the operation and cleaning of the physical plant, equipment, and utensils are conspicuously posted for reference by staff and inmates. Several methods for washing and sanitizing food service equipment and utensils are listed in F.A.C. 64E-11. Manual cleaning or dishwashers are both used. Martin C.I. uses the manual method and utilizes three compartment sinks, not trash cans as you’ve been told. All state correctional facilities receive frequent inspections by internal staff and outside agencies of the food service operations and sanitation in order to ensure that they comply with the rules set forth in state statutes, state administrative code, department procedures, and national accreditation standards. External inspections/audits are conducted by the Department of Health and American Correctional Association. The Florida Department of Health utilizing local county health departments will conduct tri-annual unannounced sanitation and safety inspections. The American Correctional Association conducts an audit of food service once every three years. The food service department has not failed a single audit in the three years I’ve been assigned to the facility and the last audits by the health department received high marks. Internal inspections are conducted by Central Office staff, regional staff, facility administration, facility Environmental Health and Safety staff, facility food service staff, and facility security staff. Central Office staff conduct operational reviews every other year, regional staff conduct quarterly unannounced inspections. Facility administration conduct weekly inspections, the EHSO conducts weekly and monthly inspections, food service staff conduct daily inspections, and security staff conduct daily inspections. The Department uses integrated pest management techniques including regular assessments and appropriate use of low odor pesticides or baits to manage pests as safely and efficiently as possible. Our food service department is treated with routine monthly pesticide applications by a contracted vendor. If issues are noticed outside of the scheduled appointment the contractor returns to the facility and applies treatment as necessary. The kitchen is not infested with rats and roaches, any sign of such vermin would result in the contractor returning to service the area. The master menu is developed by a licensed nutritionist and reviewed by a committee in central office to ensure the dietary needs of the inmate population are being met and that we are serving the best product, as efficiently, and cost effectively as possible. Deviations from the master menu are allowed when Deviations from the master menu are permitted are permitted due to production and or equipment problems, product availability, security issues, use of farm produce or as authorized by the Warden. Substitutions must be made with another food item from within food groups as indicated int the Food Substitution List from the Master Menu Manual. If substitutions are made, staff ensure that a variety of foods within each food group are provided during the week. This can be done by using alternate recipes or alternate cooking methods. Portion sizes will be the same as on the Master Menu unless otherwise indicated. All substitutions are recorded on production logs and DC2-418 audit sheets. While staff dining programs may be available at other facilities Martin C.I. does not have such a program. Inmates are not fed swill and there would be no instance where the staff were fed anything out of food service as alleged in your letter. Furthermore, if food spoils it is disposed of, inmates are not served spoiled food and there are no records of any gastrointestinal outbreaks which would be substantial if the conditions you’ve described actually took place. Mr. Mitchell does not steal food for his restaurants as alleged in your correspondence. Staff are subject to searches entering and exiting the facility, there is no way that Mr. Mitchell could smuggle the amount of food that you are alleging out of the facility. Furthermore, Mr. Mitchell does not own any restaurants or work outside of his job at our facility. There was a notice posted regarding the Certified Food Option that was drafted by a former chaplain at our facility who was under the impression that filing grievances about the contents of the CFO violated the agreement inmates sign when they request to participate in the CFO program. I became aware of this through the grievance process and addressed it immediately. As stated above, we do not tolerate any form of abuse, neglect, or retaliation. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly. John Holtz Assistant Warden Martin CI Florida Department of Corrections 1150 SW Allapattah Rd Indiantown, FL 34956 Office: (772) 597 – 8076
Carol Yohe (not verified)
David Bingham (not verified)
During the few years that I spent incarcerated in FLDOC I heard some C.O.'s use an over abundance of profanity. I was often referred to as " fat ass mother fucker" amongst other profanities but I NEVER heard ANY Employee use a racial slur.
Mr Jones (not verified)
My son Is In Martin...
Donna Williams (not verified)
My brother was killed in Martin County Corrections last night, 04/19/2020 ... And nobody can tell the family a damn, thing . This sorry piece of shit institution and it's undoubtly incompetent Warden Robert Bryner allowed my brother to be, murdered ... Incompetent guards that don't give a shit if the inmates drunk, high or dead ... An investigation will be taking place immediately over my brothers death, the filthy conditions, rotten food and fighting they allow ... Cruel midevil, bullshit ..
Anonymous (not verified)
Any updates?
DC#733557 (not verified)
MCI is one of the worst place you want to be.
Anonymous (not verified)
An inmate said officers stoop over my dying son laughing while he struggled for his life
Pauline Sinclair (not verified)
My son was murdered in martin correctional also. I'm sorry to hear about your brother. My condolences to you and your family. I'm definitely not going to let nobody walk away from my son unnecessary death. I'm taking this to the media and fight for his civil rights that was taken from him. All the cover ups and the Florida lawyer and investigators are all down with the cover ups. I hope what ever they get paid to do this to our family. I pray that GOD WON'T TAKE LONG FOR IT TO HIT HOME. karma is a bitch. How do they sleep at night??? They don't realize they can be in the same prison one day with the same people. KARMA

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