Phonezap to Support AL Hungerstriker, Kenneth Traywick

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Kenneth Traywick has been on hungerstrike since April 11 inside an Alabama prison.

"Our friend and fellow soldier in struggle Kenneth Traywick (#177252) has been on a hunger strike since April 11, 2019 when he was placed in solitary for bogus reasons and no disciplinary. The Alabama Department of Corrections has been “force feeding” him via I.V. He has made it clear that he will continue to hunger strike once off of the I.V. until a set of five demands are met (see below or here:
Suggested Call Script:
Hello, my name is…and I’m calling from… I am calling in support of Kenneth Traywick AIS#177252 who has been and will continue to stay on hunger strike until his demands are met. I am very concerned about his safety at Limestone and the pattern of retaliation staff and officials continue to use against him. I demand that his voice be heard, that his five demands be met immediately, among them that he be transferred and ADOC refrain from further retaliatory action.
When does ADOC plan on recognizing and acting on these demands? Who else may I speak to about this? I will keep calling until these demands are met!!!
CALL LIST (priority to first 3 contacts):
Limestone Correctional Facility (Warden DeWayne Estes): 256-233-4600
ADOC Commissioner (Jefferson Dunn): 334-353-3870
ADOC Operations (Southern Regional Director Cheryl Price): 334-353-3813
ADOC Health Services (Ruth Naglich): 334-353-3887
ADOC Public Information (Bob Horton): 334-353-4803
ADOC Facilities Manager (Jenny Abbott): 334-567-1554
ADOC Governmental Relations: 334-353-3878
ADOC Admin Services (Matthew C. Brand): 334-353-9989
ADOC Investigations & Intelligence: 334-353-8912
ADOC Legal (Carrie McCollum): 334-353-3885
Note: Be stern with the individual who answers the phone. Insist to speak to who you call for. Give no more information to secretary other than your name. Record calls if possible. Report any new info to
Email ADOC Offices:
Limestone CF Fax #: 256-233-1930
ADOC Fax #: 334-353-8922

Kenneth Traywick's Demands

"On April 21st, the Alabama Department of Corrections placed an I.V. in Traywick against his will, to “force feed” him. He has made it clear that he will continue to hunger strike once off of the I.V. His demands are as follows:

  1. ADOC must remove any and all disciplinaries against me (Kenneth Traywick) received from Warden Jimmy Patrick on 4/11/19.
  1. Limestone Correctional Facility must end the unconstitutional use of the bucket detail practice at Limestone with belly chains, shackles, handcuffs, and tape. (See: ) 
  1. Limestone Correctional Facility must end the illegal use of C Dorm, i.e. placing inmates in segregation without any disciplinaries and refusing to give them the 45 minutes of exercise outside the cell.
  1. That I (Kenneth Traywick) be transferred from Limestone Correctional Facility and that the ADOC must stop the retaliatory transfers of me from facility to facility making it impossible for me to participate in educational and rehabilitative programs (I’ve been transferred over 8 times in 2 years).
  1. That ADOC refrain from retaliating against me (Kenneth Traywick) for the actions of the outside organization Unheard Voices O.T.C.J."

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