Support Prisoners Who Are Being Starved at Dekalb County Jail


Background: Prisoners in Dekalb County Jail (Atlanta) are being starved, beaten, and forced to live with and breathe mold causing skin irritation and illness.Call the Dekalb County Jail on Friday April 12th and demand they put a stop to inmate mistreatment and hold those responsible accountable,

See here as well for for an instance of family receiving reports of retailiation against their loved ones inside who spoke out.

Contact: Sharon Williams Jail Division Operations Command 404.298.8508

Don't worry if call goes to voicemail. Fill it up!

Script: "I know about the mistreatment of inmates in Dekalb County Jail and I expect changes. Clean the mold out of their cells, feed them, and stop the physical abuse immediately."

Please reportback with results of your call here in the comments!


Emma J. Lopez (not verified)
The same thing is happening in too many prisons in USA, inmates and families are afraid of retaliation, and the abuse continue.
Carissa (not verified)
Left a voicemail.
Harvey Partica (not verified)
Left a voicemail with the script.
Karen (not verified)
Left a voicemail. This is outrageous.
Anonymous (not verified)
Left a voicemail with the script
— (not verified)
Spoke with someone who didn’t identify themselves. I used the script and they were very civil. Asked if I wanted to speak with someone or if I was just reporting it. I said I was just reporting it and hoped they’d relay the message for me.
Gina Miller (not verified)
Called at 11:33 am est. Left a voicemail per script.
Shawnecee (not verified)
Left two Voicemails at 9am And 9:30.
Anon (not verified)
Left a voice message.
Monty Neill (not verified)
Left a message, including my number. Somehow doubt she will call back.
Anonymous (not verified)
Left vm
Nube (not verified)
Left a message using main points, but went off script
Lisa Roy (not verified)
left message 12:20 PST
Barbara, aka Ka... (not verified)
April 12, 2019. Script message, with enhancements, left 5:31 pct
Nett (not verified)
I have mentally I'll sons in jails and prison and I pray constantly I feel helpless when I know the way the Government is dealing with this very serious issue no positive response jail and prison is not a place for love ones no help and make them easy prey cause they on meds and others inmates take advantage and the deaths you can tranquilizeanimals and put them back in the wild but kill humans beings .
Tommy weigle (not verified)
Are we still doing this? I left a message. Deviated from script, still think I hit main points.
Angie owens (not verified)
My son is in the Dekalb County, he has been mistreated in jail for 3 years. He is constantly complaining about his head do to mold in his cell. His toilet has been stopped up for about (3) days. My son has mental issue and The Dr.Brickhouse will not take him or us seriously. Please look at his record of how many time I have called and made numerous of complaint against this Doctor against my son.. it’s a very long story and it’s has been a very long time that my son and family has been going through hell with Dekalb County.. please call me at7705009192 or 770-674-5442.. thank you so much
Darian prather (not verified)
Can someone please contact me 404-322-7988
Margaret Phillips (not verified)
Got voice mail and gave the messages. Good luck for your efforts and thank you.
S. Scott (not verified)
My spouse was being treated horrible while at DeKalb the food was cold and being served out of an outdoor kitchen that failed inspection, they were not given 2000 calories, which means they were being starved in a matter of 2 months my spouse lost almost 40 lbs. They were made to share underwear and socks and was treated horribly. They were given the option to put in a grievance. Since it is a county jail and not a state jail a lot of the inmates have not been convicted of a crime, most are awaiting trail. The only thing that they have done wrong were they were accused by an officer which now because of modern technology are found often lying in an effort to get an arrest. The problem is that once you are being those bars the workers at the jail no longer see you as human and that should never be the case in any situation but it definitely should not be the case when you are just awaiting trial. The jail system is now a system that mirrors a kid-napping, people are held against their will , often not prosecuted of any crime only held there through an officers accusation (despite officers constantly showing their continued dishonesty) the families are in desperate need to contact them and can only do so an exuberant prices similar to that of a ransom. While there they are being mistreated and abused, again prior to being prosecuted of any crime. This is a disgusting unscrupulous practice and the system and process needs to be immediately revised.

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