My brother is in new lisbon correctional facility his health is not good talk to him every day they have an out break of the coronavirus I need someone to look into this my name is Valerie Washington (414)419-9846 will try to email this sight thank you much


Yvette Medrano (not verified)
My son is going through the same thing. He at Williamson County Jail in Georgetown Tx. Other inmates are afraid to speak due to be lock in the box. However, the staff is deny that there is outbreak and are putting inmates at risk. Staff aren’t cleaning the cells and are putting inmates who have the symptoms in them. My son ask the co to bring him cleaning supplies to clean it and all he said was ya and never came back. Inmates are sick and Co’s are not even concern. Inmates and my son said they only walk by and look into the area they are in and that’s About it! My son is way in the back so he can’t see which co is there but can hear them. He ask one of the CO’s to ask the nurse for aspirin and he said ya and never came back . So much is going on in That facility. From what I hear Williamson County Jail is the worse facility any Latino and black can be in. They said it’s very racist!! Back in October one of the CO’s told my son “ he wasn’t in Mexico and for him not to jump the wall” when I called to report it they said it was another inmate who told him that when my son said she told him that to his face. They are just trying to cover everything up. I have lady’s who are going through the same work there love one. Pls help !!! I don’t know what else to do

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