Ware State Prison Post-revolt Repression

Updates from inside as of August 10th. 
  • They are being fed spoiled food
  • Commissary is restricted, prohibiting them from supplementing their diet
  • All communication is restricted, whether thru emails, phone or mail.
  • "We don't have stamps and the warden said we ain't getting any."
  • They didn't receive any incoming meal for a week. 
  • Being left in their cells, no officer on post, meaning their health is at stake.
  • Being denied showers, hot meals, and clean water.
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Below, you can find the information from our graphics.
Call the following:
Ware County Health Department
#912-285-6002   Infectious Diseases Line
#912-338-5919  Human Resources Line
Ware State Prison
#912-285-6400 Prison's Line
#478-992-5211 Corrections HR Line
#404-656-5651 Pardons and Paroles
Sample Script:
Hello, I am calling in support of those who live inside Ware State Prison. What happened on August 2nd was due to the negligence  and intentional harm from those who manage WSP. The people inside do no deserve your retaliation and need to be given hot meals, potable water, showers, other sanitary improvements, and air conditioning during this hot GA summer. Your facility also needs to finally react to this COVID 19 pandemic, to protect the lives of people inside.
You don't have to give your name or other information.
Record calls if possible.
Leave long messages on voicemail.
Call using *67 to block your number/
Call multiple times and disrupt their  operations.
Remember that denial and obstruction are standard procedures for those that work there.
Report any and all info received and forward any  questions to: atlantaiwoc@protonmail.com

Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee


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