Wrongly Convicted



Im writing on behalf o my brother Ari Morales who was wrongfully convicted of crimes he didn't commit. He was coerced into a false confession at the age of 15 in Contra Costa County.  He was threatened to take a plea bargain or do life in prison if he proceeded to try and fight his case. No DNA evidence was found against him and witnesses state he didn't do anything along with the victim. He's been down 11 years and currently at Corcoran and recently caught COVID. Please call the Contra Costa DAs office and demand for his release! 


Debbie Moore (not verified)
Contact John Walsh on TV. He helps find people to take on these cases. If you live in a state with a law school, call tremor meet with them. They have gotten many people off bc they are working together with an instructor. Good luck and God Bless.

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