Zap For Sharky, New Folsom Hungerstriker!


On August 21st, our friend Heriberto Garcia (nicknamed Sharky, CDC
#G-36724) began a hunger strike in solidarity with prisoners taking action
elsewhere.  We are not aware of his current circumstances and all visiting
to his facility at New Folsom has been cancelled for two weekends in a row.

Here is a video he made to boost the strike, please share it:

Please call New Folsom State Prison this Wednesday at:  (916) 985-8610

Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish

Press 3 for Administration Services then 2 for Central Services

Here is a suggested script:

"Hi, I'm calling to check on the condition of Heriberto Garcia, who's been
on hunger strike at this facility for over two weeks.  Can you tell me
how he's doing?"

Don't let them re-direct the conversation.

Reportback on your calls to

Thank you for calling on Sharky's behalf! CDCR still denies that Heriberto had ever been on hunger strike. This is not unusual for prison staff to do even during mass strikes. A single Lt. mentioned receiving over 100 calls about Sharky! Letters are still reaching him but earlier a 6x9 envelope was returned. In a recent letter he seemed to be in good spirits. Stay tuned!


Anonymous (not verified)
no one answered. Left a message.
Anonymous (not verified)
I called 9:37 am CST, left a voicemail - just realized they’re probably not open yet. Will call again when they do.
Carolyn (not verified)
Left a voicemail morning of September 5th
Anonymous (not verified)
Called at 8:50 am PDT, left a voicemail.
Jo (not verified)
Called at 9:43 am PST, no one answered.
Megan (not verified)
Left message on the VM for Central Services.
zak (not verified)
left message on the voicemail
yeji (not verified)
No answer, left a voicemail
Called 12:27, 9/5/18- went through prompts, got a recording, asking for call back #, prisoner info, etc. Hunk up.
Called 12:30, 9//5/18, got to recording again, left message to release information to the public on the condition of Heriberto Garcia, on hunger strike for over two weeks.
isabelle (not verified)
left message
Cynthia Brown (not verified)
Called! answering machine message from Heidi in central service from (tech services) left our message in reference to Heriberto Garcia condition while on hunger strike and the need for an update.
Matt (not verified)
Called 3:00pm EST 9/5/.18 Phone line rang for over a minute, got a recording telling me to call back later with no option of leaving a message.
kristina (not verified)
called and left message following script
Max H. (not verified)
I called at 3:33 and followed all the instructions, but no one picked up so I left a message.
Leif Weatherby (not verified)
left a message for Katie (?) in central services (tech for central services?) with callback number
corey (not verified)
(phone tree path: 1, 3, 2) Also got voicemail for Katie. left a message.
corey (not verified)
FYI, I tried phone tree option 6 (medical) , 3 (family & friend inquiry) and got a voicemail box for inquiries about an inmate's condition. left a message.
Patrick Bush (not verified)
No answer, left a message.
Corey (not verified)
I received a return call from Lt. Quinn. (wow!) He reports that Heriberto Garcia is not, and has not been, on a hunger strike. He says he spoke to Mr. Garcia personally yesterday. He says he's received "a hundred" calls about this.
Ashley (not verified)
8:45am PST-called, no answer. Left a voicemail at Central Services
Heather (not verified)
Just called and went to a voicemail for Katie at Central Services offices technician at CA State Prisons in Sacramento. So I left a message.
Glen (not verified)
Left message for Katie
Lorenzo (not verified)
Incarcerated for a crime. Rights removed. Controlled for control sake. Facilities that work in darkness. Prevention from rehabilitation. Deny pursuit of happiness. Health is an annoyance and an unnecessary cost. Prisoner becomes slave.
RH (not verified)
No answer, left a message
KS (not verified)
no answer, left message